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Rembrandt's Frame
Rembrandt's Frame
Vital statistics
Type Frame
Effects Traps people inside the painting it holds
Source Rembrandt
Danger Medium
Activation Looking at it when it has a painting
First Appearance The Ones You Love
Rembrandt's Frame-0

Rembrandt's Frame

Rembrandt, master frame-maker, carved it from acacia wood, asscociated with the goddess Iusaaset or the Tree of Life.

A painting placed in the frame becomes a sort of prison; looking at it without proper protection will draw the viewer into the canvas.

Mrs. Frederic said that this is why some of Rembrandt's paintings looked so lifelike. Removing the painting from the frame will reverse the process, with each prisoner being released in the reverse order they were trapped.

Artie used the frame along with a painting to trap the members of the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond, including Brother Adrian, inside the painting while he was under the effects of Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe.

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