In Elk Ridge, South Dakota there's a supermarket called Elk Ridge Valu-mart that's actually a cover for the Regent Vault. The vault is located in the stores meat locker and can be opened with a pass code Mr. Keeler, the stores manager/warehouse regent, has. 

In order to prove you're a Warehouse agent, you have to purchase honeydew, beef jerky, sherry wine, oatmeal, and honey. In ancient Egypt, Egyptians would leave fruit, grain, meat, alcohol, and honey in the tombs  of their pharaohs which were also called "vaults".  As soon as the bar codes for these items are scanned a notification will appear on the register that reads "Items Accepted: Call Manager" and Mr. Keeler will come and show you to the vault.

The vault cotains dozens of safe deposit boxes with each containing a different artifact. The Regents stored the Janus Coin in the vault after they used it to store H.G. Wells' memories as punishment for her attempted use of the Minoan Trident. Also, the handle for the setting maul, one of Hiram Abiff's Tools, is stored in the vault as well.

In "Emily Lake ", Pete , Myka , and Claudia  retrieved the Janus Coin from the vault in order to prevent Walter Sykes from getting it who needed H.G.'s help in getting into the Warehouse through the Ancient Regent Sanctum .

In "Cangku Shisi", the alternate Benedict Valda killed Mr. Keeler with Vyasa's Jade Elephant in order to gain access to the vault. Once inside, Valda used a key he stole from the original Valda's room to open the safe deposit box containing the setting maul handle. Valda was attempting to gather all of Hiram Abiff's Tools in order to move the Warehouse. 

After Valda left the vault, he set a trap for Artie, Pete, Myka, Steve, and Claudia by hiding Sir William Parry's Inukshuk under Mr. Keeler's body knowing that after entering the vault they'd activate the artifact and they'd all be frozen in ice. This was to slow them down long enough for Valda to snag the rest of Hiram Abiff's Tools. 


  • The symbol for the Regents is the Eye of Horus and the first Warehouse to have a group of people running it was Warehouse 2 which was located in Egypt. The connection between the items needed to access the vault and the fact that in Ancient Egypt people would leave these same items in tombs which were also referred to as "vaults" is further evidence of the fact Ancient Egypt seems to be a recurring theme with the Regents. 

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