The Pyramid or The Anubis Shrine appeared in the background of many episodes before being featured in the web series Grand Designs. It's located near the Ancient Archives.

The Anubis Shrine provided seismic force to power the original Warehouse 13 by harnessing the vibrations of green molderite crystals. In order to function properly, the crystals must be carefully balanced; if not, it will cause massive earthquakes.

If unbalanced, the crystals will change colors to red until all are balanced.

A dog is needed for entering the shrine, as a bark makes the statues of Anubis retract their spears and the door to open.

Pyramid The New Guy

As seen on The New Guy

The Mummy

The mummy which holds the crystals

Balanced Crystals

The balanced crystals

Balanced Pyramid

The Pyramid after the crystals were balanced