Primo Levi's Scarf-0

Primo Levi's Scarf

The user gains deep insight and intelligence, and may be inspired into bouts of writing and intense thought provocation. It also makes the user prone to extreme dizzy spells and dangerous falls.

Artie snagged it in Turin in 1987, and it was stolen from the Warehouse in 2012 by him while he was under the effects of the astrolabe. It was later retrieved by Steve and Artie, along with most of the stolen artifacts.

It currently rests in the Warehouse.

Real World ConnectionEdit

Primo Levi was an Italian-Jewish writer and chemist, noted for his restrained and moving autobiographical account and reflections on survival in the Nazi concentration camps. Levi worked as a slave laborer in Auschwitz at a rubber factory and was rescued by the Soviets in 1945. His most famous book, and often considered his masterpiece, was entitled The Periodic Table, and contained 21 autobiographical stories, each named after and inspired by a chemical element. For example, Argon is a noble inert gas that is nonreactive and Levi compares the properties of this element to the refusal of his Jewish ancestors to assimilate into Italian culture.