Captain Powell is a St. Louis police captain. He's a stubborn individual and does not seem to like government agents messing around in his work. His only appearance is in Burnout where he is the head officer on the case where the Spine of the Saracen took over an officer and killed several people.


He runs a Police Station in St. Louis. When the Spine of the Saracen was reactivated, he helped Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering, and Rebecca St. Clair track it down and bag it. His officer, Clark, was taken over by it. It was revealed that he angered Pete when he came in and causing the Spine to make Pete go crazy.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Captain Powell is played by Al Sapienza, a regular choice on TV shows for crooked cops, like Detective Raymond Terney on "Person of Interest", and mafiosi, such as Mikey Palmice, Junior Soprano's Season 1 lieutenant in "The Sopranos".

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