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Philo Farnsworth
General Information
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Played by Bruce Horak
First Appearance "Beyond Our Control"

Philo Farnsworth, inventor and unremitting thinker, was a constant source of artifacts, and a man who appeared to play jump-rope with the fine line between genius and madness. He created such Warehouse essentials as the eponymous Farnsworth, but was also the mind behind the camera/projector bifurcated artifact which nearly destroyed Univille and four Warehouse agents with it.

One might reasonably argue that he was the spiritual predecessor of Claudia Donovan, a young lady who has, in fact, "tweaked" a couple of his ideas and inventions, again with mixed results.


  • Bruce Horak's only other screen credit is the eponymous "Gitch" (2009), a short.

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