Phillip Petrov was a Regent and the Guardian of Warehouse 13. As Guardian, he wore the Remati Shackle. He was present for a meeting with two other Regents: Jane Lattimer and Adwin Kosan. When Warehouse Agents Myka Bering and Arthur Nielsen arrived at the meeting place, Petrov was surprised to see them. He followed the agents as they tried to get the Regents out of the building before it completely disintegrated. As the group were making their descent down the building, a large slab of concrete fell on Petrov. Knowing that he was soon going to be disintegrated, he transferred guardianship of Warehouse 13 to Jane Lattimer, with the aid of Kosan, by placing the shackle on her wrist. He then was shortly thereafter killed by the corrosive energy, much to Jane's dismay and horror.

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