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Pete the Ferret

General Information
Title Myka's Pet
Gender Male
Race Mustela putorius furo
Affiliation Warehouse 13
Leena's Bed and Breakfast
Location Univille, South Dakota
Status Alive (Last Known)
Played by A Ferret
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance For The Team (Referenced)


Pete is Warehouse agent Myka Bering's pet ferret, created as a result of Myka wishing for a new assignment (an impossible wish) while holding the Wish Granting Kettle during Artie's grand tour of the Warehouse after her and Peter Lattimer's arrival as Warehouse agents[1]. Pete and fellow agent Claudia Donovan apparently did not know the name of the ferret for some time, though B&B proprietor Leena and Artie did, and only revealed his name to Claudia when Myka was trapped in Lewis Carroll's Looking Glass[2]. Myka stated during that exchange that she named him Pete because "he's cute but so annoying". Pete later needed veterinary care from local vet Kelly Hernandez which included a house call, and initiated the first real conversation between his namesake and Kelly, arguably setting the two up for their later relationship[3].

Real-World DifficultiesEdit

Pete was rarely mentioned in the show past the first few episodes, and seen on-screen even less, with Joanne Kelly confirming at San Diego Comic Con in July of 2013 that he would not be returning to the show. Co-star Allison Scagliotti commented that more money was needed to hire the ferret who played Pete, and so the character was silently written out of the show[4].



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