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Pete is Warehouse agent Myka Bering's pet ferret. It was created as a result of Myka wishing for a new assignment (an impossible wish) while holding the Wish Granting Kettle during Artie's grand tour of the Warehouse after her and Peter Lattimer's arrival as Warehouse agents[1].


Pete Lattimer and fellow agent Claudia Donovan apparently did not know the name of the ferret for some time, though B&B proprietor Leena and Artie did, and only revealed his name to Claudia when Myka was trapped in Lewis Carroll's Looking Glass[2]. Myka stated during that exchange that she named him Pete because "he's cute but so annoying". In time, Pete needed veterinary care from local vet Kelly Hernandez which included a house call, and initiated the first real conversation between his namesake and Kelly, arguably setting the two up for their later relationship[3].

Real-World DifficultiesEdit

Pete was rarely mentioned in the show past the first few episodes, and seen on-screen even less, with Joanne Kelly confirming at San Diego Comic Con in July of 2013 that he would not be returning to the show. Co-star Allison Scagliotti commented that more money was needed to hire the ferret who played Pete, and so the character was silently written out of the show[4].



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