Personnel Quarters ArchiveEdit

Personnel Quarters Archive
A giant mechanism in the Warehouse where the rooms of all previous Warehouse agents are preserved in their entirety. The rooms are taken right from Leena's Bed and Breakfast via unknown means, and are preserved in exactly the same state as when the agent left. The storage system was designed to rotate, so that all one needs to do is type the room's I.D number into the keypad by the door, and wait until the system selects and moves the room. The room is placed so that the entrance connects to the door next to the keypad. The safe is similar to a Cold Case found in police stations; if no new evidence pops up in a case relating to an agent who disappeared, all of the agent's effects are stored away. Wearing a hairnet and gloves is required in any stored room, so as not to contaminate the scene with any foreign DNA (though this protocol is never strictly enforced).


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