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Paracelsus’ Lab was a secret laboratory located under the Monastery of Stoudios in Constantinople. It is where Paracelsus created the Philosopher's Stone.

In 1541 Paracelsus created the Philosopher's Stone in his lab. He then tested the stone’s power on his brothers family. When Bennett Sutton learned that his brother killed 600 people he alerted the authorities to the location of the laboratory. Agents of Warehouse 9 subdued Paracelsus in his lab. Sutton later broke the philosopher’s stone into two halves and took a piece of the inner core to create his ring.

Bennett Sutton used bribery and coercion to maintain his brother’s laboratory for approximately 500 years.

When Paracelsus was steeper launched in 2014 he kidnapped Nick Powell and took him to his former laboratory. After the two halves and core of the philosopher’s stone were brought to him Paracelsus reforged it and took away Bennett Sutton, Charlotte Dupres, and Nick Powell immortality. Paracelsus then killed Charlotte Dupres to punish his brother and nephew. Paracelsus used Genghis Khan’s maze in order to redirect a Tesla blast and destroyed the laboratory. Bennett and Nick were forced to leave behind Charlotte’s body in order to escape the destruction of the laboratory.

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