Villa committed horrible and unforgivable acts while wearing these boots; they became imbued with the power to numb any guilt or grief caused by one's own actions. Users must first walk approximately one mile before the artifact will activate. They were in the Warehouse; Abigail Cho wanted Artie to use them, since he would not open up to her.

Real World ConnectionEdit

Pancho Villa was one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals. He is remembered as leading some of the most important military campaigns durring the constitutional revolution. He is also the only foreign military
Pancho Villa


general to "successfully" invade the continental U.S.. At age 16 he claimed that his sister was raped and he tracked down and murdered the rapist to avenge her. By the time he was 20, he got a job as a miner in Parral while selling stolen cattle in Chihuahua. In 1899 he returned to mining, but soon tired of it and added bank robbing, cattle rustling, and murder to his list of crimes. In 1910, Villa and his men joined Francisco Madero's revolutionary forces making their historic transition from thieves to soldiers. After joining the revolution, Villa recruited an army of thousands, including a substantial number of Americans. Following Madero's short-lived victory and assassination, Villa remained in control of the resistance against the Victoriano Huerta dictatorship. Around this time Villa became something of a folk hero and Hollywood film makers and U.S. newspaper editors flocked to Northern Mexico to record his battles and exploits. Villa financed his army by stealing from cattle herds in Northern Mexico and selling his goods north of the border. Villa would often order executions on a whim and made his friend the executioner who became known as "The Butcher". Villa was assassinated in 1923 after his retirement as general.