A fossilized jawbone belonging to the giant prehistoric hyena carnivore.The Pachycrocuta were predators that hunted Homo Erectus in prehistoric times; the jawbone is enfused with the same fear cavemen had of this predator.

Hyena Skull



Fills the target with overwhelming fear when used. While in use, the targets features temporarily shift to that of a typical Neanderthal and a glowing, snarling spectral vision of the rest of the skull manifests.

Extended use gives the holder the mindset of a predator, being fierce, ferocious and compelling them to hunt in packs.

It was discovered when a criminal suddenly confessed to a crime he had committed and it appeared he had also undergone some kind of physical transformation. Pete and Myka collected the artifact and discovered it was being used by the local police to scare criminals into confessing.

Pete jawbone

jawbone being used on Pete

Real World ConnectionsEdit

Pachycrocuta was a genus of prehistoric hyenas. The largest and most well-researched species was the giant hyena Pachycrocuta brevirostris, which may have weighed up to 190 kg (420 lb), this would make it the largest hyena to have ever lived. It lived between the Middle Pliocene and the Middle Pleistocene, about 3 million to 500,000 years ago. Bones of Homo Erectus were commonly found next to these giant hyenas noting that Homo Erectus were hunted usually.

Hyaenadon Jawbone Being Activated

The artifact being activated

Hyaenadon Jawbone Fully Activated

The artifact fully activated