This record player was once owned by the renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks, and was given the ability to cause the hearer's mind to go into recursive comas.


Oliver Wolf Sacks is a British-American neurologist, writer, and amateur chemist who is Professor of Neurology at New York University School of Medicine. He has been honored for his sympathetic case studies on people with unusual neurological conditions and has printed books on the interaction between music and the human brain. 

Sacks' work at Beth Abraham helped provide the foundation on which the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF) is built; Sacks is currently an honorary medical advisor. The Institute honored Sacks in 2000 with its first Music Has Power Award. The IMNF again bestowed a Music Has Power Award on Sacks in 2006 to commemorate "his 40 years at Beth Abraham and honor his outstanding contributions in support of music therapy and the effect of music on the human brain and mind".


Anyone that hears the sound of the record player instantly falls into a coma, thirty minutes later listeners begin suffering seizures, then begin experiencing organ failures, and ultimately if the recod player isn't stopped anyone listening to it will die. Part of the danger of this artifact is that anyone who comes near the record player while its activated will fall into a coma without ear protection as soon as they come within ear shot.

If a listener has Joseph Pilates' Resistance Bands with them when they hear the record player, they'll still slip into a coma, but the bands will keep their blood circulating and stop their muscles from atrophying, which will keep them alive. However, as long as they're still listening to the record player, they'll remain in a coma until the record player is neutralized. 


This artifact was used on Claire Donovan along with Joseph Pilates' Resistance Bands to keep her in a coma until a cure could be found for the effects of Frances Farmer's Music Box

When the alternate Benedict Valda kidnapped Claire he stole the record player also. Valda later used the record player on a park full of people to demostrate the power of artifacts to the Chinese government. To slow Pete and Myka down and give himself more time to steal Hiram Abiff's Tools, Valda placed Chuck Yeager's Record on the record player. Whenever Pete and Myka tried to neutralize the record player, the record released a sonic boom that sent them flying that was caused by Chuck Yeager's Record. They were finally able to neutralize the record player with help from Angelo Siciliano's Workout Trunks