Of Monsters and Men was a Warehouse 13 webisode series that premiered on Syfy's website. It was presented by Toyota.



Full RecapEdit

Artifacts FeaturedEdit

  • Fredric Wertham's Spinner Rack: Transformed by Wertham's hatred for comic books, the sign on top of the spinning rack acts as a battery for it, causing the rack to suck in anyone or anything around it into any comic book, provided someone tried to read one near it. If the victim(s) does not find a way to escape the comic book in time, they will be trapped in the comic book forever. Main artifact of this episode.
  • Leonardo da Vinci's Perpetual Motion Machine: Can be used in conjunction with half-a-dozen Standing Mirrors and jumper cables to redirect the energy flow of an artifact. Shown to generate its own power when spun.
  • Standing Mirrors: Can be used in conjunction with Leonardo da Vinci's Perpetual Motion Machine and the Jappa Needles to redirect the energy flow of an artifact.
  • U.S.M.C. Lighter: Can suck the souls of any living creature when flicked open. Owned by a character in the comic "City of Ghouls". Collected by Pete, Artie, and Claudia.


  • The comic "City of Ghouls" appears during the Windwill scene in Grand Designs webisodes.

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