This Norse hammer most likely comes from the legendary hammer of the mythical Thor, Mjölnir. According to its storage tag, its provenance is Sør-Trøndelag, a county comprising the southern portion of the Trøndelag region in Norway.

Due to it being stored with several other comic book-related artifacts, it is also a reference to the Marvel Comics character Thor. This is supported by it's provenance being listed as "Don Blake" on its trading card, the alter ego of Thor.


Increases the user's muscle-mass to god-like proportions while inducing delusions of righteousness.

According to this artifact's storage tag:

"Increases muscular power to god-like proportions; induces illusions of righteousness."

According to its trading card:

"Increases muscular power to godlike proportions and produces delusions of grandeur."


Placed in the Comic Book aisle, filled with comic book-related artifacts.