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Norge Porthole
Airship Norge Porthole
Vital statistics
Type Dirigible Porthole
Effects Has the power to generate a beautiful Aurora Borealis light display
Source The Norge
Danger Mild
Activation Holding


Taken from the Airship Norge, the first dirigible to cross the North Pole. As the ship's crew huddled around the window, they were so taken by the indescribable beauty of the Northern Lights, the porthole became imbued with the power to generate a beautiful - and potentially mesmeric - Aurora Borealis light display.


It was snagged and bagged by Pete and Myka in 2011 and sat in the Ovoid Quarantine for two years. In order to find a proper shelf for it, it was taken to the Feng Shui Spiral which determined that the overpowering emotion that was linked to this particular artifact was "indescribable beauty".

In the real world, 'Norge' is the Norwegian name for Norway, thus making the airship the counterpart to the 'Italia'.


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