Nick Powell is the son of Charlotte Dupres and Bennett Sutton, The Count and The Countess of St. Germain.


In the 16th Century, his parents and himself were made immortal by Paracelsus, his uncle, using the Philosopher's Stone and an Egyptian Artifact. He was then given a fatal blow as a test, as were his parents.

Some time later, he fell in love with a girl. The girl though, left him as she aged and he didn't. She got married and died, all while he watched. It had happened again many times afterwards until modern times.

In 2013, his mother made a plan to get the Philosopher's Stone. Charlotte worked with Lars, a Black Market dealer, to find the other half of Dan Seavey's Pyramid Puzzle Box while Nick worked to get into the Warehouse to release Paracelsus and get the second half. He went to the streets and lived in a box with a homeless community under a bridge and intentionally got used by an artifact. Things got out of hand and he started to have seizures because of it, a pair of Goggles. He teamed up with Artie and Claudia to find the Goggles. When they were found, Claudia invited him to stay at the B&B.


Nick being effected by Orville Wright's Aviator Goggles

Steve and him had a tension due to his constant lies. He used Franz Mesmer's Magnets on both Claudia and Steve; distracting them because he needed to get into the Warehouse. He used Claudia to get into the Warehouse and free Paracelsus. He was then kidnapped and Claudia was bronzed, also the Philosopher's Stone and his father's ring were stolen.

When Paracelsus was caught, Nick was freed and made mortal again using the Philosopher's stone, but his mother immediately was killed by Paracelsus. Pete and Myka eventually got Nick and his father out.

In "The Truth Hurts", Nick felt that with his mother gone there was no-one left in the world for him to relate to, but Sutton admitted that he'd been a terrible father to Nick and said he was going to spend the rest of his life making sure Nick never felt alone again. The Regents gave Nick and Sutton new identities and the two of them drove off to start their new, mortal lives.


  • While speaking with his mother alone, Nick displayed a pronounced British accent, which differed vastly from his more widely used American one.