Think of this as a fire extinguisher for objects that... act up.
Artie, "Pilot"
Neutralizer, also known as "the purple stuff" and "goo," appears in various episodes as a glowing, purple liquid with an apparently high viscosity. It is created in the area of the Warehouse nicknamed "the Gooery" and helps render overly active artifacts temporarily inert.


Exactly how neutralizer functions is unknown, but it does cause any artifacts or anything that affects artifacts to be neutralized.[1] When reacting with an artifact a burst of electricity can be seen. It can be assumed that neutralizer also neutralizes any electric charge an artifact may have.


Warehouse agents have used neutralizer both in the Warehouse and out in the field. It is a vital tool for artifact hunting as it neutralizes the effects of an artifact.

In the crossover episode "Crossing Over" (Eureka), Trevor Grant was given doses of Neutralizer to stabilize his molecules and keep him from ripping a wormhole between 2010 and 1947.


There are certain occasions, in which an artifact cannot be neutralized.
One reason is that the artifact is a bifurcated artifact (two or more parts). For example, Edgar Allan Poe’s Quill Pen and Notebook. In this case the neutralizer will be ineffective and the two parts of the artifact need to be brought together.
There are also circumstances in which the neutralizer is ineffective at neutralizing the artifact, so the artifact needs to be destroyed, so the neutralizer can work on the pieces. (James Braid’s Chair). It is not known if an artifact has ever completely been destroyed because the neutralizer cannot control it.


Temporary external exposure to Neutralizer by humans appears to be otherwise harmless, even when large quantities are applied.[2] If ingested, however, Neutralizer will cause hallucinations.[1] Contrary to this, however, it's been shown that if injected into the bloodstream of a person, there are no side-effects, at least none shown on-screen.


Forms Explanation
Gloves The purple gloves that all warehouse personnel use, have some form of neutralizer in them. These gloves are used whenever handling an artifact to keep it from interacting with its handler.
Bags The bags that field agents use also have a form of neutralizer in them. These bags are meant to store any artifact that can be fit in them, which promptly neutralizes them. in the webisodes Of Monsters and Men they are revealed to be golden ratio size neutralizer grid polyethylene static bags
Containment Fields The fields that surround all artifacts in the Dark Vault are there to constantly keep the artifacts neutralized. These fields run off of back-up generators
Goo Containers of neutralizer in this form are kept throughout the warehouse in case of any artifacts that “act” up, and can be transported in portable canisters for field agents to use, either to immerse the target artifact in, much like their bag conterpart, or to throw upon the artifact, if it is too large to be encased in the aforementioned container.
Scrubber "This scrubber nullifies psychically triggered artifacts by really getting down to all those pesky, hard-to-reach pores".
Sprinklers A less viscous form of neutrilizer that can be sprayed on specific places in the warehouse to put out artifact "flare ups" of to cancel negative energy
Stability Field Neutrilizer is pumped throughout the warehouse, stabilizing the artifacts within it. This field cannot control all of the artifacts, so containers and distributors of neutralizer are still needed.
Aerosol and Mister Creates a fine layer of Neutralizer over an artifact to cancel out direct effect emanations.
Glasses Purple tinted glasses that block the effects of visual-activated actifacts such as Rembrandt's Frame.

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