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Nero's Lyre
Nero's Lyre
This Lyre was seen in the episode "Second Chance" on Artie's computer.
Vital statistics
Type Musical Instrument
Effects Produces flames; Burns player's face off
Source Emperor Nero
Danger High
Activation Playing
First Appearance Second Chance & Warehouse 13 (Comic Book): Volume 1
When played flames appear: power discovered in tie-in comic book issue #5. It was acquired during the time of Warehouse 3 and is the "fiddle" that most people associate with Roman ruler Nero, who is said to have played it during the Great Fire of Rome.
Nero's Lyre

This version of the Lyre was featured in the Comic Book.

The flames it produces are not powerful enough to overcome the power of the Freezing Snowglobe.

In "Second Chance " Artie speculated that this was the artifact causing people to rust away, but later it was discovered to be the Spartan Armor. According to Artie, playing "Sack of Ilium" burns the user's face off.

It was lost some time before the American Civil War, as it was one of the artifacts belonging to the Lost Cache of Warehouse 12. It was bagged by Myka and Artie and it is currently in the Warehouse.

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