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Firefighter Lattimer

Pete's Dad

General Information
Title Fireman
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Status Deceased
Family Jane Lattimer (wife),
Jeannie Lattimer (daughter),
Peter Lattimer (son)
Played by Steve Cumyn
First Appearance "Regrets"

Mr. Lattimer was the father of Pete and Jeannie Lattimer, the husband of Jane, and was a firefighter. His badge number was 4994.

Pete's father died when Pete was young, in a house fire, while saving six people from the building. It was this incident the led to Pete to always trust his hunches, because as a boy he had a "vibe" on that day that it would be the last time he saw his father. Putting it down to anxiety because of his Dad's job and not wanting to appear weak in front of his father he remained silent. Later that evening his family received word of his Dad's death and Pete vowed to always trust his hunches.

During the incident at the Quartz prison, Pete was visited by a hallucination of his father who blamed him for his death; Pete would have succumb to the hallucination but remembering what a reformed prisoner at the prison has told him; "The most cruel prison is the one we make ourselves" he realized the only way to escape the hallucination was to make peace with it and himself. Doing this Pete was finally able to rid himself of the guilt that had hounded him since the day his father died.


Regrets (Hallucination)

Shadows (FlashBack)

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