Mr. Keeler is a Warehouse Regent and the manager of the Valu-Mart in Elk Ridge, South Dakota, which is a cover for the Regent Vault that once safeguarded the Janus Coin containing the essence of HG Wells. Keeler also has a Master of History degree from the South Dakota University, Rapid City, where he has access to a private Regent Library. Keeler, along with Leena, played an important role in decoding the location of the alidade to the astrolabe and discovering how to defuse the threat of Walter Sykes' bomb. He and Leena also researched Gandhi's dhoti, the artifact used to defuse Walter Sykes' bomb.

In "Endless Wonder" it is suggested that Mr. Keeler helps play a role in disguising the Warehouse, as when he showed Senator Don Stafford and Gil Storage Space 6.

In "Cangku Shisi" the alternate Benedict Valda killed Mr. Keeler with Vyasa's Jade Elephant in order to steal the handle of the setting maul, one of Hiram Abiff's Tools, from the Regent Vault.


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