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Mesopotamian Bronze Stele
Bronze Stele
A Bronze stele melted and molded from Shalmaneser the first's Sarcophagus.
Vital statistics
Type Mesopotamian Stele
Effects Allows for long-term imprisonment of individuals. Whilst preserving full awareness in the form of a bronze statue.
Source Shalmaneser I
Danger Mild (If used with equipment)
Activation Pointing at person/Using artifact with equipment


This artifact is used (along with the right equipment) to preserve people in the form of a bronze statue.

The artifact was stolen by Paraceleus and used on Claudia Donovan.


The stele artifact was used presumably since 1250 B.C. because the process was mentioned early in the series but it was time consuming and heavy. If not used properly, the bronzed person will start to crumble away.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

A stele, also stela is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected for funerals or commemorative purposes, most usually decorated with the names and titles of the deceased or living.

Bronze Stele

Reproduction of display card as seen in the episode

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