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The following characters have worked or currently work for the Warehouse:


Becoming an official role separate from Regents beginning in Warehouse 11, Agents are employees of the Warehouse tasked with collecting artifacts and protecting both the Warehouse and the world at large. Agents are recruited for particular traits deemed useful to the Warehouse and its work, be they talents, skills, or preternatural abilities. Only legal citizens of the Warehouse's current home country can be recruited as Agents, and are presumably automatically retired should it ever move to a new host country.

All Agents are approached personally by the current Caretaker of the current Warehouse and offered transport and directions to its location. Some Agents must go through a period of apprenticeship before they are officially recognized as such, as was the case for H.G. Wells and Claudia Donovan. Sometime soon after recruitment, all Warehouse employees must make a signature statement on film, where a record is created of the employee agreeing to work for the Warehouse whilst understanding the inherent risks it presents.

The following personnel currently work for the Warehouse as gatherers of artifacts:

  • Arthur Nielsen – Formerly only an agent; Now functions as supervisor who still does field work.
  • Claudia Donovan - Current agent; Promoted from apprentice; Future Caretaker.
  • Myka Bering - Current agent; Formerly left the Warehouse; Now rejoined.
  • Peter Lattimer - Current agent.
  • Steve Jinks - Current agent; Formerly deceased; Now resurrected.

Other Agents Edit

  • Adam - Future agent of Warehouse 13 in the 2060s.
  • Jack - Future agent/supervisor of Warehouse 13 in the 2060s.
  • Jenny - Future agent of Warehouse 13 in the 2060s.
  • Raymond - In an alternate timeline where Pete had never been born; Not employed in main timeline.
  • Sandra - In an alternate timeline where Pete had never been born; Not employed in main timeline.

Former AgentsEdit

The following personnel used to work for the Warehouse and have stopped doing so for a variety of reasons. Their status is either alive or unknown:

  • Abe. Mortisson - Present in 1921; Collected an unknown artifact.[1]
  • Andrew Read - Past agent; currently MIA, last known location was Minneapolis, Minnesota.[2]
  • Agent Blan- - Present in 1969; Collected the Emerald Bow and Arrows.[3]
  • Agent Brant - Stated that the Telegraph from Telegraph Island (or Telegraph Island itself) had not affected anyone since the end of the British Empire[4]; whether they were an agent of Warehouse 12 or Warehouse 13 is unclear.
  • Agent Jiverly - Present in 1914; Collected Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope.[5]
  • Agent Sweetwood - Term and status unknown; Known to have had a run-in with a music box artifact.[6]
  • Agent Will- - Present in 1975; Collected the Green Ring.[7]
  • Bernie Arkweir - Present in 1948; Collected Chuck Yeager's Favorite LP.[8]
  • Buck Mendell – Present in 1939 and 1944; Collected Birmingham Badgers' Underwear[9] and Philo Farnsworth's Transmutational Three Dimensional Camera/Projector respectively. Presumed deceased.
  • Captain M. Buchanan - Present in 1948; Collected the Easter Island Conch.[10]
  • D. Benjamin - Present in 1926; Collected Horace Westlake Frink's Bronze Baby Shoes.[11]
  • E. Averson - Present in 1927; Collected Howard Carter's Coffee Pot; Presumed deceased.[12]
  • Ferdinand Roggersin - Present in 1908; Collected the Shackleton Expedition Sardines.[13]
  • Fishings - Worked alongside with Artie, MacPherson and possibly Hugo.
  • Gladys Philbison - Present in 1933, 1944, and 1953; Collected a Blue Porcelian Teapot[14], Silver Thimble[15], and Wind-Up Tin Toy Rooster[16] respectively.
  • Gus - Warehouse 13 Agent in 1961; presumed deceased.
  • Gwyn Bartholemew Stiles - Present in 1921; Collected Tyndale's Infinite Lathe.[17]
  • Helena G. Wells – Former agent of Warehouse 12; voluntarily bronzed. Later debronzed by James MacPherson and went rogue. Briefly reinstated at Warehouse 13 before going rogue again. Arrested and incarcerated by the Regents; consciousness and body reunited. Initially killed in the destruction of the Warehouse; revived with the Warehouse in the current timeline. Now retired with "civilian" status.
  • H.K. Tsu - Present in 1962; Collected Wu Huanwen for Bronzing.[18]
  • Hugo Miller – Originally retired from insanity, has since recovered.
  • I. Gustavsen - Present in 1934; Collected Bonnie Parker for Bronzing.[18]
  • Kevin Turner - Past agent; currently MIA, last known location was Minneapolis, Minnesota.[19]
  • Mark Thomson - Past agent; currently MIA, last known location was Los Angeles, California.[20]
  • Merle Vennuto - Present in 1962; Collected the Original Sticky String.[21]
  • Michael Plant - Past agent; currently MIA, last known location was Minneapolis, Minnesota.[22][23]
  • M. M. Bellamy - Present in 1900, 1911, and 19_1; Collected George Washington's Shaving Brush, Airbrushes from Disney Studios, and the Tall Brush respectively.
  • M. Whistler - Present in 1978; Collected the Lampshade of Psychic Power[24] and Tito Puente's Original Studio Master of "Oye Como Va".[25]
  • N. Raumm - Present in 1947; Collected the Golden Rope.[26]
  • P. Saunderson - Present in 1914; Collected H.G. Wells for Bronzing.[18]
  • Rudy Braun - Past agent; currently MIA, last known location was New York (City), New York.[27]
  • S. Brennan - Present in 1960; Collected Vera Renczi for Bronzing.[18]
  • S. Pocklinton – Present in 1925; Collected Houdini's Wallet[28]; Presumed deceased.
  • S.P. Herzog - Present in 1911; Collected Huseyin Hilmi Pasha for Bronzing.[18]
  • Theo. Cotton - Present in 1959; Collected George P. Metesky for Bronzing.[18]
  • Vanessa Calder - Now the Warehouse Doctor.

Deceased Agents Edit

The following personnel have died and as such no longer work for the Warehouse, or are unlikely to have survived to modern day:

Warehouse 8 Edit
  • Giovanni Donato Magraido - (Incorrectly stated to be) present in 1607; Collected Leonardo da Vinci's Gargoyle.[29]
    • As Warehouse 8's reign ended in 1517, and 1607 falling within the reign of Warehouse 10, Magraido is considered an agent of Warehouse 8, but is not considered to have been active by 1607.
Warehouse 9 Edit
Warehouse 11 Edit
  • Alexi - Warehouse 11 Agent; presumed deceased.
Warehouse 12 Edit
  • Sir James Eddington - Murdered by Vincent Crowley.
  • L. Flaubert - Present in 1875; Collected Hamed bin Muhammed al-Murjebi for Bronzing.[18]
  • Liam McShane - Present in 1889; Stunned by Caturanga when he was demonstrating his Stun Gun. Described as "always grumpy."
  • Vincent Crowley - Was killed when his own rocket launched him into the atmosphere, after he plotted against the Warheouse's Relocation.
Warehouse 13 Edit
  • Jack Secord – Killed by the Spine of the Saracen on his last mission.
  • James MacPherson – Former agent who went rogue; killed by H. G. Wells after he repented of his betrayal and started to expose his plans.
  • Rebecca St. Clair – Retired; then came back Spine of the Saracen for one last mission before she died of Cancer.


The following personnel work or have worked as supervisors of the Warehouse:

Warehouse 8 Edit

  • Franz Steinbruck - Agent supervisor by 1517 (also served as protector of the Chinese Orchid).
    • At the start of the Third Reich in 1939, Franz' descendants were afraid the Nazi regime would seize the Orchid, and moved it to a local mill hidden within a brick wall. There it was guarded by the current Steinbruck generation of Johan, Carl, and Anya Steinbruck.

Warehouse 12 Edit

Warehouse 13 Edit

  • Charlie Martin – Agent supervisor by 1961.
  • Arthur Nielsen - Agent supervisor by 2009 (Current).
  • Jack - Agent supervisor by 2063 (Future).

Other PersonnelEdit

The following personnel work for the Warehouse in some way other than the ways listed above:


  • Miller - Member of Regent Security
  • Mr. Jackson - Former head of Regent Security
  • Mrs. Frederic's bodyguard - Took care of and protected Mrs. Fredric, though was more of a steward almost. He was killed when Artie used the Phoenix.
  • Stanes - Member of Regent Security

The RegentsEdit


  • Agents
  • Caretaker
  • Guardian
  • Housing/Residence Supervisor
  • Keeper
  • Regents
  • Supervisors
  • Warehouse Consultant
  • Warehoue Doctor

Warehouse 13 Co-Builders/ContributorsEdit

Allies/Informants Edit

These people are not technically members of the Warehouse (unless they are former members) but know about it and help them.


References Edit

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