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The following is a list of artifacts and gadgets that have appeared within the Warehouse 13 franchise. Most of them have been gathered by agents and stored inside the Warehouse. Some are specifically stored within the Dark Vault. Some of these items are not actually objects with supernatural powers, but simply pieces of advanced or unusual technology.


  • 16th Century Ear Trumpet Allows user to speak into the smaller trumpet and communicate over great distances without actually being in physical proximity.
  • The 76 Trombones: Effect(s) unknown. Seen by Artie while running away from part of the Nisqually Totem Pole.[23]


  • Abacus: An old bead abacus. Apparently did not like anywhere Artie placed it in the Ovoid Quarantine. Taken by Leena to find a place for it. Effect(s) and origin unknown.[1]
  • Abby Normal's Brain: A brain in a glass jar that resides in the Dark Vault. Effect(s) and origin unknown.[2] In the "Breakdown" commentary, Eddie McClintock said it was Abby Normal's Brain, a reference to Young Frankenstein.[3]
  • Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat: First mentioned in a behind-the-scenes video.[4] Later referenced by Pete Lattimer to Steve Jinks as imbuing the wearer with the overwhelming urge to free nearby African-American people, believing them to be slaves, an impulse which apparently got Pete into hot water with Mrs. Frederic.[5]
  • Adolf Hitler's Microphone: Mentioned in behind-the-scenes video.[4] A microphone imbued with Hitler's charisma; said to have hypnotic powers and to possess the "power to transfer the ability to convince people to do very, very wrong things."[6]
  • Adolphe Chaillet's "Shelby" Bulbs Follow attached link.[7]
  • African Tribal Elephant Tusk: Follow attached link.
  • After-Image Mirror: The Warehouse 9 precursor to the Durational Spectrometer, holding a lit candle up to it will show images of events that happened in the area from the last few hours.
  • Agatha Christie's Typewriter: Outlines dark plots. First seen in "Pilot", with its effect being mentioned in the website. [8]
  • Airbrushes from Disney Studios: Effect(s) unknown. Seen near Walt Disney's Paintbrush.[9]
  • Al Capone's Machine Guns: Specific effect(s) unknown. Did not appear to display any abilities apart from firing a rather violent wave of bullets. Claudia used them while under Paracelsus' control to stop Pete and Steve.
  • Albert Butz's Glasses: Follow attached link.[10]
  • Albert Einstein's Comb: Effect unknown. Implied to be able to fry people. Not currently in the Warehouse.[11]
  • Aleister Crowley's Ruby Studded Universal Hexagram Necklace: Follow attached link.
Alessandro Volta's Lab Coat
Alessandro Volta's Lab Coat
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Alessandro Volta's Lab Coat: Follow attached link.[7]
  • Alexander Alekhine's Chess Set: Effect(s) unknown, but the pieces require movement at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'. [12]
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Metal Pinwheel: Follow attached link[13]
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Showerhead: The prop from the movie Psycho; apparently causes overwhelming fear. [14]
  • Allentown Artifacts: Located on Allentown-22C, the same shelf as Max Wertheimer’s Zoetrope. Never seen, but mentioned. One makes pigeons dance, while another increases elasticity.[15]
  • Alpine Brandy Rescue CaskFollow attached link. [16]
  • The Aluminum Blüthner Piano: Follow attached link.[16]
  • Amber Sphere: This sphere allows one to travel through the subconscious of a person controlled by the Pearl of Wisdom. Taka used it in conjunction with the Pearl of Wisdom to catch glimpses of MacPherson's memories inside Leena's mind.[17]
Analog Password Cracker
The Analog Password Decoder
WhzeratulAdded by Whzeratul


  • Babe Ruth's Baseball Bat: Implied to affect one's density. Currently stored in the Warehouse.[20]
  • Babel Stones: Follow attached link.[15]
  • Babylonian Battery: A battery unearthed and lost again in 1952, in Texas. Effect unknown, but it was seemingly able to fry people. Not currently in the Warehouse.[11]
  • Barrel from Niagara Falls: Large wooden barrel used by a thrill-seeker to go over Niagara Falls. Allows person inside to survive falls from heights, but gives them a strong desire to do it again.[23]
  • Barry Seal's Aviation Radio & Headset: Follow attached link.
  • Bataan Death March Dogtags: Follow attached link.[13]
  • Baylor Dodgeball: Follow attached link.[2]
Beatrix Potter's Tea Set
Beatrix Potter's Tea Set
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Black Bart's Cannon
Black Bart's Cannon
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  • Black Bart's Cannon: Follow attached link.[31]
  • Black Oni Mask: Formerly owned by Walter Sykes. Effect(s) unknown, but Leena claimed that it shouldn't be next to the headphones Artifact. Collected by the Warehouse Agents.[1]
  • Blueprint for the Leaning Tower of Pisa: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the Agent Creation process, Artifact Expertise section. [32]
  • Boa Vista Plantation Token: Follow attached link.[1]
  • Bobby Fischer's Bag of Marbles: Follow attached link.[33][34]
  • Bobby Jones' Golf Clubs: Follow attached link.[1]
  • Bodhidharma's Slippers: Mentioned but not seen; has properties that cause living death.[10]
  • Bottomless Cookie Jar: ComicBook A gold cookie jar that is always full of chocolate chip cookies. Currently in the Warehouse (when not in Pete or Artie's hands). It was seen in the Warehouse 13 comic book. [26]
  • Brick from the Berlin Wall: Follow attached link.
  • Brigadier General Laverlong's Elephant Walking StickFollow attached link. [35]
  • Bronze Baby Shoes: Follow attached link.[36]
  • Bruce Lee's Punching Bag: Implied to affect one's density. Currently stored in the Warehouse.[20]
  • Buddy Rich's Drums: Leena placed Bobby Jones' golf clubs near them in hopes that "the two energies would cancel each other out.".[1]


Carlo Collodi's bracelet's display
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Cecil B. DeMille's Riding Crop
Walter Sykes with Cecil B. DeMille's Riding Crop
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  • Cecil B. DeMille's Riding Crop: Follow attached link.[37][38]
  • Cellphone: Effect(s) unknown. In the Dark Vault.[2]
  • Chameleon Mines: Land mines that blend into their surroundings making them virtually invisible. Used by MacPherson as a trap to prevent Artie and Claudia from pursuing him. They are detectable by a pervasive smell of fudge.[39]
  • Charles II's Croquet Balls: Follow attached link.[19]
  • Charles Dickens' Badminton Racket: Makes user believe they are an orphan, a reference to Dickens' books Oliver Twist and The Old Curiosity Shop, among others. Mentioned by Pete.[5]
  • Charles Hanson's Rocking Horse: Effect(s) unknown.
  • Charles Ponzi's Money Clip: Causes poverty and despair for whoever possesses it. A reference to the fate of con artist Charles Ponzi, who conned millions (hence the term "Ponzi scheme"), but died penniless. Artifact profiled in the website.
  • Chester Moore Hall's Achromatic Lens: This artifact was originally collected during the time of Warehouse 12. It was reproduced by Paracelsus in the Alternate Advanced Warehouse 13 for his army of super soldiers. Implied to have some form of mind-control ability.
  • "Chinese Guy's" Scalpel: Origins unknown, but is said to have medicinal purposes. Was going to be used alongside Hippcrates' Fibula to remove Myka's cancer. When it was used as a weapon, it seemed to remove control over limb use.
  • The Chinese Orchid: Follow attached link'.[40]
  • Christmas Truce Submarine Ornament: Follow attached link.[41]
  • Christopher Columbus' Brooch: Given to Columbus by Queen Isabella, Artie said "it can make someone brave from across an ocean".
Cinderella's Glass Knife
Cinderella's Glass Knife
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  • Cinderella's Glass Knife: Follow attached link.[42]
  • Clara Barton's Gloves: Follow attached link.[23]
  • Clarinet: Plays by itself. Malevolent effects unspecified. In the Dark Vault.[Source?]
  • Clark Gable's Grooming Kit: Follow attached link.[2]
  • Claudia Donovan's Gauntlets: Follow attached link.[20]
  • Claudia Donovan's Goo-Nade: Follow attached link. [12]
  • Claudia Donovan's Goo-zooka: An old RPG launcher that fires shells filled with pressurized neurtralizing goo. Can neutralize artifacts a distance and has a 20 foot blast radius. Used to de-activate the Gold Spike from the Trans-Continental Railroad after it got stuck in the Warehouse's expansion joints. [14]
  • Claudia Donovan's GPS Communicator/Manipulator: Claudia used this device to manipulate the GPS system on the vehicle driven by Stukowski's cohort.[30]
  • Claudia Donovan's Hologram Projector: Follow attached link.[11]
  • Claudia Donovan's In-Game Communicator: Built by Claudia in under twenty minutes; it allows people in the real world to contact people within Fargo's game.[28]
  • Claudia Donovan's Mini-Tesla Gun: Follow attached link.[43]
    Mini tesla
    Rmhanshaw158Added by Rmhanshaw158
  • Claudia Donovan's Periscope: Built by Claudia to observe the Warehouse more effectively.[5]
  • Claudia Donovan's Portable Ping Device: Follow attached link. [44]
  • Claudia Donovan's Supercharged Handcuffs: Follow attached link.[29]
  • Claudia Donovan's Tesla Grenade: A medium-sized metal ball that activates when the top is pulled off and then after a few seconds it discharges a mass of electricity. Similar to the standard Tesla, this gives off a more powerful burst of electricity which has the same effect on multiple individuals in the blast zone.[5]
  • Cleopatra's Asp Skin: The skin of the asp that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt used when she committed suicide. The artifact was retrieved and placed in Warehouse 2 just after Cleopatra's suicide, and immediately before the Warehouse moved to Rome. It can come to life and will bite.[45]
  • Cleopatra's Pet Asp: Effect(s) unknown. Preserved in a jar on Level 12, Aisle 343 of the Warehouse.[23]
  • Clothing Iron: Follow attached link.  [1]
  • Complete Set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Circa 1966: Effect(s) unknown. Seen by Claudia in passing while running away from the Nisqually Totem Pole. [23]
  • Confucius' Flip-Flops: ComicBook Offers some degree of protection. Mentioned in tie-in comic book issue #1. Not currently in the Warehouse. [26]
  • Constantine the Great's Crucifix: Nothing is known about this artifact, save that it was acquired during the third iteration of the Warehouse.[45]
  • Convincing Dreidels : Follow attached link[38]
  • Copper Bowls of Life and Death: Follow attached link.
  • Corner of Moses' Stone Tablet: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the Agent Creation process, Artifact Expertise section. [32]
  • Corsican Vest: Follow attached link.[46]
  • Count of St. Germain's Ring: Follow attached link. [47]
  • Courrieres Mine Miner's Lantern: Follow attached link. [12]
  • Crystal Chandelier from the Paris Opera House: The fragments of which are currently in the Warehouse. Effect(s) unknown. [23]
  • Crystalline Diamond Necklace: Follow attached link.
  • Currier & Ives Advent Calendar: Effect(s) unknown. Must remain closed. Currently in the Warehouse.[23]


  • D. B. Cooper's Parachute: Currently in the Warehouse. Collected by Hugo Miller and Vanessa Calder while active Warehouse Agents. Was described as "an odd case, even by Warehouse standards."[9] [23]
  • D. B. Cooper's Ripcord: Was used by the Brother Adrian that Artie hallucinated to infiltrate the Warehouse. Effect(s) unknown.[33]
  • Dante Alighieri's Death Mask: Follow attached link.[39]
  • DARPA GAK Suit: Follow attached link.[20]
  • David's Slingshot: In the Warehouse. Effect(s) unknown. Implied to have growth-related abilities. Reference to the Biblical story of David and Goliath.[48]
  • Davy Jones' Locker: Effect(s) unknown. Mentioned by Myka in Warehouse 13: A Touch of Fever. [23]
  • The Dayton Project: Effect(s) unknown. Apparently able to fry people. Not currently in the Warehouse.[11]
  • Decorated Clay Vase: Said to take the life of its breaker to repair itself. In the Dark Vault.[2]
  • Dimensional Conversion Camera: Follow attached link.[18]
  • Dog Whistle: Follow attached link.[2]
  • Don Quixote's Lance: Effect(s) unknown; found in and used to stop Miguel de Cervantess' windmill.[21]
  • Doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory: Follow attached link.[49]
  • Dorian Gray's Portrait: Effect unknown.[50] A portrait of Dorian Gray painted by Basil Hallward; the picture aged in Gray's stead. No matter what he did, his physical form would not change from the way it was when the portrait was painted. Destroying the painting causes the effect to immediately cease, aging Dorian rapidly and, indeed, leading to death. Based on Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
The Doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
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Edgar Allan Poe's Quill Pen and Notebook
Edgar Allan Poe's quill pen and notebook
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  • Edgar Allan Poe's Quill Pen and Notebook: Follow attached link.[52]
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay's Candle: Effect(s) unknown. Acquired by an agent a few decades ago. Artie said "Heaven help us all if either end were ever lit again" when asked about it. Artie also said that it was her poetry that "stirred things up". [23] Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem "First Fig" had a line: "My candle burns at both ends. It will not last the night. But, ah, my friends, and oh, my foes, it gives a lovely light."
  • Edward "Ned" Lowe's Prayer Censer: Follow attached link. [26]
  • Edward Teller's Micro-Fission Reactor: It was only mentioned that it possibly is able to fry people, The "Thing" name is confirmed on Arties chalkboard as "Edward Teller's Micro-Fission Reactor".[11] Not currently in the Warehouse.
  • Egg of Columbus: An artifact implied to be able to fry people with electricity. Not currently in the Warehouse.[11]
  • Egyptian Slab: Item is linked to the Sphinx, so the monument suffers as much damage as the slab.[53]
  • Einstein-Grant Bridge Device: Follow attached link. [54]
  • Elizabeth Bathory's Bathtub: Any liquid placed in it (like apple cider) will turn to blood. Located on the shelf beneath Johnny Appleseed's pot.[23]
  • Elvis Presley's Hip Bone: Effect unknown. Seen in the Agent Profile Creator on the official Syfy website under Object Expertise. [32]
  • Emerald Bow and Arrows: Gives unerring aim to the user. It is explained by the cast and director in a podcast that this is the weaponry of Green Arrow, a comic book character, seen on TV in the shows "Smallville" and "Arrow" .[20]
Eric Marsden's unreleased record
LegendAquaAdded by LegendAqua
  • Eric Marsden's Unreleased Record: Follow attached link.[18]
  • Erik Kluger's Eggshell Bombs: Follow attached link.[55]
  • Erik Kluger's Implosion Grenades: Follow attached link.[56]
  • Ernest Shackleton's Tin of Sardines: Effect(s) unknown. Artie simply mentioned that they've gone "Very bad." Currently in the Warehouse.[57]
  • Escher Vault Goggles: The goggles allow the wearer to find their way through the Escher Vault. Anyone who goes in without them will never be able to find their way out again. A curious agent tried this 20 years ago and is most likely dead now, according to Mrs. Frederic.[39]
  • Evry Schatzman's Telescope: Effect(s) unknown, but the lens require re-focusing at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'. [12]
  • Excalibur: Follow attached link.[50]


Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe
Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe


  • Galileo's Astrolabe: Seen in the Agent Creation process, Artifact Expertise section. [32]
  • Gary Coleman's SAG Card: Fills holder with overwhelming sadness. [16]
  • General Tso's Pet Chicken: Well, the bones anyway. Mentioned in the tie-in Warehouse 13 comic book by Claudia as one of the Chinese artifacts that aren't currently in the Warehouse. Effect(s) unknown. [26]
  • Genghis Khan's Mace: Follow attached link.
  • George Patton's Steel Military Helmet: Follow attached link.[20]
  • George Reeve's Eyeglasses: Effect(s) unknown, although implied to give greatly increased eyesight.[23]
  • George Washington's TeethFollow attached link.[4]
  • George Went Hensley's Bible: Bible of a snake-handling preacher who was bitten by snakes 400 times, the last bite killing him. Mentioned by Artie as a possible artifact that could kill a person by snakebite.[5]
  • Georges Mochet's Pedal Car: Effect(s) unknown, but requires its wheels turned at certain intervals to keep it 'happy'. [12]
  • Georges Pierre Seurat's Bathers at Asnieres: In the art gallery in Warehouse 13. Effect(s) unknown.[28]
  • GFS Cooking Spray: Follow attached link.[60]
Glass Jar from the Donner Party
The Glass Jar from the Donner party being used as a tip jar.
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Glass Jar from the Donner Party: Follow attached link.[10]
  • Glassblowing Tube: Follow attached link.[30]
  • Goblet of Severan: Follow attached link.[55]
  • Godfrid's Spoon: Follow attached link.[61]
  • Gold Spike from the Trans-Continental Railroad: Follow attached link.[48] [14]
  • The Golden Rope: Briefly seen with a collection of other superhero-related artifacts and is a reference to Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso of Truth.[20] Functions as a mind-controlling lasso.
  • Golf Club: A sturdy nine iron Artie used to defend himself from Claudia, while she was under the control of Anne Bonny's Cutlass. Guarantees holes in one. [23]
  • Gordon Gekko's Cellphone: An old cell phone; circa 1987. Once owned by Gordon Gekko, who was based on a real person. Lets the user listen in on shady deals; not currently in the Warehouse. Artifact profiled in the website.
  • Grenade from Adolf Hitler's BunkerExplodes twice, one after the other. Any other effects are unknown.
  • Grigori Rasputin's Prayer Rope: Follow attached link.[20][23]
  • Groucho Marx's Honorary Oscar: Effect(s) unknown. Knocked over by the Shrunken Head.[23]
  • Guglielmo Marconi's Oscillator: Effect unknown. Implied to be able to fry people. Not currently in the Warehouse. [11]
  • Gutenberg's Printing Press: ComicBook Effect(s) unknown. Mentioned by Claudia as being in the Dark Vault in Warehouse 13 tie-in comic book #3. [26]
  • Gypsy Rose Lee's Veils: Effect(s) unknown. Currently in the Warehouse.[23]


Imperceptor Vest
H.G. Wells' Imperceptor Vest
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
Hatshepsut's Golden Bee Hive
Hatshepsut's Golden Bee Hive
  • Hatshepsut's Golden Bee Hive: Follow attached link.[43]
  • Haunted Accordion: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the Agent Creation process, Artifact Expertise section. May be the one seen in the Dark Vault that plays by itself. [32]
  • Headphones: Formerly owned by Walter Sykes. Effect(s) unknown, but Leena says they shouldn't be next to the mask Artifact. Collected by the Warehouse Agents.[1]
  • "Hear Colors": This artifact's name was never given, just its "special nature" which is that it grants the user with a form of synaesthesia. It was only mentioned.[2]
  • Helen of Troy's Cuff Bracelet: Mentioned by Artie to have seductive properties.[57]
  • Henry Dreyfuss' Princess Telephone: Display card states that use of the telephone will lead to success, but the concomitant feeling emptiness leads to suicide. In close proximity to people, it rings and a voice shrieks, "Pick me up! Pick me up!". In the Dark Vault.[2]
  • Henry Morton Stanley's Map: Follow attached link.[30]
  • Henry Work's Grandfather Clock: Effect(s) unknown, but requires winding at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'. [12]
  • Hernan Cortez's Helmet: ComicBook A 'get rich quick' artifact. Mentioned by Myka in Warehouse 13 tie-in comic book #1. Artie stated it is in the Warehouse. [26]
  • Hippocrates' Fibula: Follow attached link.
  • Holographic Projection Sphere: Contains the Janus coin; the sphere allows for holographic projection of the consciousness of those imprinted on the Janus coin.[5]
  • Honjo Masamune: Follow attached link.[13][33][38][56]
  • The Hope Diamond: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the Agent Creation process, Artifact Expertise section. [32]
  • House of Commons Masonry: Follow attached link.[27][31]
  • Howard Carter's Coffee Pot: Follow attached link.
  • Hunter Doherty Adams' Jack-in-the-Box: Follow attached link. [16]


  • Ice Flower: Follow attached link.[56]
  • Ice Pressure Nozzle: Follow attached link.[5]
  • Ignaty Gryniewietsky's Tattoo Box: Follow attached link.[33]
  • Ilse Koch's WhipFollow attached link.
  • Inquisition Torture Saw: Located in a room with other torture artifacts. Precise effect(s) unknown.[40]
  • Instant Dancer Shoe Lasts: Effect(s) unknown, probably related to dancing.
  • Invincibility Raincoat: Boosts wearer's immune system to rapidly heal injuries, giving the impression of invincibility. However, the wearer loses objectivity and becomes obsessed with murder. Has 3611 G.P. written on the inside.[48]
  • Iron Trivet: Effect(s) unknown. Seen by Artie while looking for Claudia. Implied to activate when moved, as it was "reassuringly inert". [23]
  • Sir Issac Newton's Cravat: Wearer gains scientific and philosophical insight by wiping it across their face or forehead. Use by scientifically oriented minds may lead to world-changing discoveries. Using or wearing the cravat for long periods of time is not recommended, as the wearer's gravitational pull increases until they can no longer move.
  • Isaac Parker's Noose: Follow attached link.[40]
  • Italian Bell: This artifact was originally owned by an unfunny comedian who died onstage when a steel-toed boot was thrown at and hit him. When rung, listeners will literally laugh themselves to death, causing cardiac arrest. Currently not in the Warehouse.[63]
  • Ivan Pavlov's Bell: Follow attached link.[49]


  • J.M.W. Turner's Painting of Rain, Steam and Speed-The Great Western Railway: In the art gallery in Warehouse 13. Effect(s) unknown.[28]
  • Jack Duncan's Spur: A boot spur formerly worn by John "Jack" Riley Duncan, one of the most successful bounty hunters in 19th century New Mexico. Has tracking powers, although as a side effect horses will be afraid of the spur's user for a couple of days.[34]
  • Jack LaLenne's Stationary Bicycle: Used to maintain power to H.G. Well's Time Machine. Effect(s) unknown.
  • Jack the Ripper's Lantern: Follow attached link.[52]
  • Jacob Kurtzberg's Belt: Follow attached link. [20]
  • James Abbott McNeill Whistler's Painting of Whistler's Mother: Mentioned but never seen. Effect unknown. Artifact profiled in the website.
James Braid's chair in Father Braid's office
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Johann Maelzel's Metronome
Johann Maelzel's metronome
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Johann Maelzel's Metronome: Follow attached link.[1][31][44][58]
  • John A. Macready's Sunglasses: Follow attached link.[1]
  • John Brown's Body: Effect(s) unknown. Resides in the Civil War wing.[23]
  • John Dillinger's Pistol: A Colt .45 that turns on its owner, a reference to the belief that notorious bank robber John Dillinger was killed with his own gun, taken from him in an ambush. Currently not in the Warehouse. Artifact profiled in the website.
  • John Keats' Grecian Urn: Effect(s) unknown (although, given his Ode with this title, presumably something to do with truth and beauty). Currently in the Warehouse.[23]
  • John F. Kennedy's Tie Clip: Mentioned as having seductive powers; Artie stated it drove the ladies crazy.[57]
  • John Holmes' Pump: Used to increase one's "size," apparently on aisle 42-B. Mentioned by Eddie jokingly with Joanne in an interview.[66]
  • John Logie Baird's Scanning Disk: Follow attached link.
  • John McEnroe's Tennis Racket: Implied to cause aggressive and violent behavior. Lenna joked that the artifact should be kept away from Bobby Jones's Golf Clubs.[1]
  • John Wilkes Booth's Boot: Follow attached link.
  • Johnny Appleseed's Tin Pot: A battered tin pot that once belonged to John Chapman. This vessel is filled with an infinite amount of apple cider. Activates when someone touches the pot, and if left on its side it will continuously pour out apple cider.[23]
  • Johnny Weissmuller's Original Loincloth: Effect(s) unknown. Mentioned by Artie. Connected to the actor's most famous role, that of Tarzan. Not currently in the Warehouse.[23]
  • Joseph Goebbel's Radio: An artifact implied to be able to fry people. Not currently in the Warehouse.[11]
  • Joseph of Cupertino's Medallion: Follow attached link. [62]
  • Joseph Stalin's Gold Star Medal: Effect(s) unknown. Stolen from the Warehouse by Paracelsus.[Source?]
  • Joseph Stalin's Sleep Mask: Follow attached link.
Joshua's Horn
Joshua's horn
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes


  • Karl Schwarzchild's Pocket Watch: Owned by the German physicist and astronomer, he provided the first exact solution to Einstein's field equations for the general theory of relativity. Paracelsus combined this artifact with H.G. Wells' Time Machine, the Tesla Targeting Coil, Pierre-Simon Laplace's Telescope, and Theodsius of Bithynia's Sun Dial to open a portal back in time. Specific effect(s) unknown, but noted to be extremely powerful.
  • King George III's Crown: Was the inspiration for the Mad Hatter and his hat in Alice in Wonderland. Causes madness in the wearer. Mentioned by Claudia while they were looking for a way to reimprison Alice.[51]
  • King Kamehameha's Hawaiian LeiFollow attached link. [62]
  • King Kamehameha's Tiki Idol: ComicBook Follow attached link. [26]
  • King Midas' Scepter:ComicBook A 'get rich quick' artifact. Mentioned by Myka in Warehouse 13 tie-in comic book #1. Artie stated it is in the Warehouse. [26]
  • King Tut's Key: The key to the young Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb. Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the Agent Creation process, Artifact Expertise section. [32]


  • Lady Liberty Lighter: Cigarette lighter played with by Pete. Does not light the lighter, but instead ignites the torch held by the Statue of Liberty.[68]
  • Laser Wand/Gun: Effect(s) and origin unknown. Artie and Claudia used it to "fix the fish".[5][8]
  • Laurence Shirley's Noose: ComicBook The noose slips itself around the target's neck and suspends them in the air, strangling them. Appears in tie-in comic book #5. [26]
Leena's painting
Leena's Bed and Breakfast Portrait
KodiaAdded by Kodia


  • M.A.R.A.s: Follow attached link.
  • M.K. "Mahatma" Gandhi's Dhoti: Follow attached link.[27]
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Glasses: Effect unknown. Mentioned by Artie.[27]
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Sandals: Calms the wearer down so much their heart stops. Mentioned by Pete.[5]
  • Mohandas Gandhi's Spinning Wheel: Effect unknown. Mentioned by Artie.[27]
  • The Maltese Falcon: Effect(s) unknown. Mentioned in a digital press tour.
  • Man Ray's Camera: Follow attached link.[50]
  • Manfred von Richthofen's Triplane: The triplane of The Red Baron, it can fly itself with all of the skills of its original pilot. Was modified by Artie using parts from one of Robert Goddard's experimental rockets, greatly increasing its flying speed.[23]
  • Marcus Aurelius's Sword: This was the sword worn by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. It was obtained during the third iteration of the Warehouse.[45]
  • Marie Antoinette's Guillotine Blade: Follow attached link.[63]
  • The 'Marie Celeste': ComicBook The famous ghost ship resides in the Warehouse's aisle Jefferson-Thirty-Three. Mentioned in tie-in comic book issue #3. [26]
  • Marie Laveau's Crucifix: Mentioned but not seen; has properties that cause living death.[10]
  • Marie Laveau's Voodoo Doll: Possible artifact mentioned by Claudia. Effect(s) unknown, but implied to have living death properties.[23]
  • Marilyn Monroe's Hairbrush: Follow attached link.[9]
  • Marvin Middlemark's Rabbit Ears: ComicBook Effect(s) unknown, implied to be able to clear up a picture. Mentioned but not seen in tie-in comic book issue #3. Found inside Claudia's travel bag. [26]
  • Mary Mallon's Butcher Knife: Follow attached link.[72]
  • Mary, Queen of Scots' Croquet Mallet: Mentioned offhandedly by Pete to FBI Agent Belinski, stating that it was made from a petrified narwhal tusk and never lost a game. Unconfirmed to be an artifact.[18]
  • Mata Hari's Stockings: Follow attached link.[13][33]
  • Matthew Brady's Civil War Shoes: Follow attached link. [16]
  • Maurice Vermersch's Waffle Iron: Follow attached link.[1]
  • Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope: Follow attached link.[15]
  • Mayan Calendar: If not properly handled will result in one's "clock" being "stopped", though the exact nature of that affliction is currently unknown. When asked whether the artifact killed the two agents that last encountered a Mayan Calendar, Artie merely replied "...they'll wish it had in about a hundred years or so.". To keep this from happening again, the question, "Do you have the constant feeling that today is yesterday?" is now asked whenever a potential artifact is around.[8] [32]
  • Mehmed II's Silken Cord: The silk cord Mehmed II used to commit fratricide. Any contact with the cord, even briefly, causes intene rage towards siblings, eventually leading to attempted murder. The eyes of the affected glow green when they feel envy. Cutting the cord negates the effects, as it cannot be neutralized.[33]
  • Memory Paper from Johannes Gutenburg's Printing Press: Can become an exact replica of anything. Artie used this in conjunction with a miniature camera to replicate the Stormy Night painting.[28]
  • Mesopotamian Bronze Stele: Follow attached link.
  • Meyer Lansky's Desk Fan: Seen on a list of artifacts stolen by Artie while under the influence of the astrolabe, attributed to Brother Adrian. Was retrieved and is currently in the Warehouse. Effect(s) unknown.[33][58]
  • Miguel de Cervantes' Windmill: Follow attached link.[21][70][31][38]
  • Miles Davis' First Trumpet: A trumpet that can hypnotize large groups at once when played. It is currently stored in the Dark Vault.[2][73]
  • Minoan Trident: Follow attached link.[46]
  • Mona Lisa's Wooden Teeth: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the Agent Creation process, Artifact Expertise section. [32]
  • Moon Rock: Follow attached link.
  • Mr. Mental and Coco's Fezzes: Follow attached link.[49]
  • Muhammad Ali's Boxing Gloves: Follow attached link.[41]


The Norse Hammer
Tungsten74Added by Tungsten74
  • Nisqually Totem Pole: Made up of a puma, a thunderbird and a bear. It came to life in 1848 and massacred a frontier settlement in retaliation for the death of its tribe at the hands of white prospectors. It attacks the nearest populated area if revived.[23]
  • Non-Exploding Hand Grenade: Does not explode and returns to the thrower, filling them with overwhelming guilt at being involved in war. [14]
  • Norge Porthole: Follow attached link. [12]
  • Norse Hammer: Follow attached link.[20]


  • Oaxaca Piñata: Effect(s) unknown. Currently in the Warehouse.[23]
  • The Original Bouncing Ball: Follow attached link. [65]
  • Original Can of Worms: Stored in the Warehouse in the canned food aisle. Effect(s) unknown.[57]
  • Original Ginsu Knife: Effect(s) unknown. Seen by Abigail Cho on her tour of the Warehouse. Artie reminded her that they don't play with artifacts. [62]
  • Original Grapes of Wrath: Effect(s) unknown. Resides in the Civil War wing.[23]
  • Original Mistletoe: Very strong. Anyone who walks under it kisses the first person they see. Used by Claudia to try to create a festive mood in Artie's office, but caused Artie to kiss Joshua.[41]
  • The "Original" Original Ray's Pizza: When Pete made a comment about going to Original Ray's Pizza, Artie mentioned that the real Original Ray's Pizza was stored in the Warehouse, but refused to say where. Effect(s) unknown.[50]
  • Original Plans For The Taj Mahal: Effect unknown. Stored in the Warehouse.[45]
  • Original Ten Books of Plato: Follow attached link.[46] [5]
  • Orville Wright's Aviator Goggles: Follow attached link.
  • Ozzy Osbourne's Amp: Effect(s) unknown. Never seen in show, but Allison Scagliotti mentioned it is an artifact during an interview on The Nerdist podcast.[74]


P.T. Barnum's Top
P.T. Barnum's top
BotflyAdded by Botfly
The Pearl of Wisdom
FelinoelAdded by Felinoel
Philip Van Doren Stern's Upholstery Brush
Philip Van Doren Stern's Upholstery Brush display
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Philosopher's StoneFollow attached link.
  • The Phoenix: Follow attached link.[55]
  • Piece of Halley's Comet: Effect(s) unknown. Seen by Claudia when she ran from the Nisqually Totem Pole.[23]
  • Pied Piper's Flute: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the agent creation artifact expertise part. [32]
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Easel: Effect(s) unknown.[23]
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Painting of Two Girls Playing the Piano: In the art gallery in Warehouse 13. Effect(s) unknown.[28]
  • Pierre-Simon Laplace's TelescopeFollow attached link.
  • Pliny the Elder's Scroll: Follow attached link.[33]
  • Pneumatic Tube and Capsule: Users can speak into the capsule then drop it into the tube to be transported to the recipient. The recipient can then open the capsule up and listen to the user's message. It was broken, but Claudia fixed it.[5] In the Warehouse 13 comic book it was indicated that Artie has a tendency to yell his message into it.
  • Pompeii Amphora: Follow attached link. [65]
  • Porcelain Doll: An artifact that, when one is too close to it, smiles evilly and a crying sound is heard. Malicious effects unknown. In the Dark Vault.[2]
  • Prehistoric Plant Pollen: This pollen turned a woman into a completely unaware sexually rapacious sleepwalker.[18]
  • Primo Levi's Scarf: Follow attached link.[13][33]
  • Primordial Tar: Follow attached link.[46]
  • Prince Hussain's Flying Carpet: Presumably can fly. Requires vacumming at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'. [12]
  • Procrustean Bed: Effect(s) unknown. Mentioned by Artie. Currently in the Warehouse.[23]
  • The Proverbial Hot Potato: Effect(s) unknown. Mentioned by Artie. Currently in the Warehouse.[23]
  • Pulley Block from the Mary Celeste: Follow attached link.[31]
  • Purple Umbrella: Effect(s) unknown.[20] As explained in a podcast by director and cast, this is the umbrella weapon of the Penguin, a Batman villain. [75]
  • Pyramid: Follow attached link.[5][21]


  • Qin Shi Huang's Mallet: ComicBook Follow attached link. [26]
  • Qing Dynasty Vase: Seen on a list of artifacts stolen by Artie under the influence of the astrolabe. Was retrieved and is currently in the Warehouse. Effect(s) unknown.[33][58]
  • Queen Ka'ahumanu's Lei Niho Palaoa: Follow attached link.
  • Queen Victoria's Wedding Cake: Slice from the cake served at the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Reportedly has the power to render almost anyone less than amused.[23]


  • Ralph Kramden's Bowling Ball: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in behind-the-scenes tour.[4]
  • RC Racing Car : Follow attached link.[12]
  • The Real Rosetta Stone: Effect(s) unknown. Seen by Claudia when riding the zipline.[23]
  • Red Herrings: Seen in the canned food aisle. Effect(s) unknown. Pete joked that "that case must have been hard to solve!"[57]
  • Red Rose: In the Dark Vault.[2] Noted to be poisonous; other effects are unknown.[73]
  • Red Velvet Swing: Effect(s) unknown. Activates when swinging. Currently in the Warehouse.[23]
Jane Lattimer wearing the Remati Shackle.
Rmhanshaw158Added by Rmhanshaw158
Rod of Asclepius
The Rod of Asclepius
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Rod of Asclepius: Apparently has the power to heal, but the snake coiled around it comes to life and snaps at anyone trying to touch the artifact. Seen by Pete in Warehouse 2.[46] Currently located in Warehouse 13 near Mary Mallon's Butcher Knife and the Invincibility Raincoat.[48]
  • Roman Coins: ComicBook Roman coins that produce an electromagnetic field when a current is run through them, with heads for attraction and tails for repulsion. Appears in tie-in comic book issue #3. [26]
  • Romano Cattaneo's Alfa Romeo Spider: Effect(s) unknown, but its badge requires polishing at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'. [12]
  • Ronald Reagan's Jelly Beans: Effect(s) unknown. Considered by Artie as he was trying to figure out a way to fight the Nisqually Totem Pole.[23]
  • Roosevelt's Teddy Bear: Effect(s) unknown. Mentioned by Artie while running from the Nisqually Totem Pole.[23]
  • Rosalind Franklin's DNA Sequencer: Follow attached link.[9]
  • Roseland Ballroom Marquee: Effect(s) unknown. The light-bulbs need to be checked at regular intervals to keep the artifacts 'happy'. [12]
  • Rosemary's Baby Carriage: Seen in a behind-the-scenes video. Effect(s) unknown.[4]
  • Roy Fransen's Diving Board: Effect(s) unknown, but noted to be a 'deathtrap'. [14]
  • Rube Goldberg's Wire Collection: A 'trapping' artifact. Effect(s) unknown. In the "Traps" aisle of the Warehouse.[51]
  • Rubiks Cube: Formerly owned by Walter Sykes. Effect(s) unknown.[1]
  • Ruby Slippers: In the Dark Vault. When near them, a high-pitched cackling voice is heard. They were also shown clicking themselves three times. Other effect(s) unknown.[51]
  • Rudolph's Nose: Follow attached link.[38]
  • Rudolph Valentino's Cigarette: Casually mentioned by Artie as having seduction properties.[57]
  • Rumplestiltskin: Claudia and Fargo hide inside its crate. However, they quickly jump out and hold the crate shut when an eerie moan is heard from inside. Fargo asks if it is the original but is cut off by Claudia, who tells him that mentioning its name will only make things worse.[15] In the 13.1 podcast/commentary it was mentioned that this artifact is supposed to be Rumplestiltskin.[76]


  • Saburo Miyakawa's Hachimaki: Provides wearer with no fear of death.[20]
  • Sacred Papyri of Seleucia: Effect unknown. Implied to be able to fry people. Not currently in the Warehouse.[11]
  • Sad Clown Painting: Makes shadowy afterimages float from the painting. Malicious effect(s) unknown. In the Dark Vault.[2]
Sallah the Soothsaying Sultan1
Sallah the Soothsaying Sultan
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Salinger Inventory Scanner: This scanner was mentioned but never seen; if an artifact is AWOL from the Warehouse, this 'SIS' can find it. However, it cannot detect artifacts, or even parts of bifurcated artifacts, which have never been housed in the Warehouse. More information on the SIS can be found in the Manual.[17]
  • Sallah, the Soothsaying Sultan: Follow attached link.[10]
  • Samson's Jawbone: The jawbone of a donkey used by the biblical Samson to slaughter Philistines. This artifact was implied to affect one's density. Currently stored in the Warehouse.[20]
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Fishing Net: Follow attached link.
  • Sands of Iwo Jima: Possible artifact mentioned by Pete when he and Myka were trying to figure out an artifact causing deaths in Pittsburgh. Effect unknown, though it was implied it had something to do with turning a person into sand.[24]
  • Sargon the Great's Mirrors: Used by the Akkadian ruler to shine the light from the sun to blind the Sumerians whilst in combat. It has been mentioned that looking into them is not advised, implying that they have the ability to cause blindness. Artie used them reflect the fire of the Eldinari in order to break Paracelsus' connection with the Warehouse, indicating they have artifact-augamented reflective power.
The Scarab of Imhotep
Spine of Sacaren
The Spine of Saracen on Pete
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Spine of the Saracen: Follow attached link.[11]
  • Stage Door from the CBGB's: An artifact mentioned by Allison Scagliotti as one she would like to see on the show. "Once you go in, you can't get out. You're stuck in 1977." [77]
  • Standing Mirrors: Can be used in conjunction with Leonardo da Vinci's Perpetual Motion Machine and the Jappa Needles to redirect the energy flow of an artifact.[59]
  • Statues of Castor and Pollux:  Effect(s) unknown, though they require reversing at regular intervals to keep them 'happy'. [12]
Statues of Zeus and Hera
Statues of Zeus and Hera
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Statues of Zeus and Hera: Follow attached link.[5]
  • Steve McQueen's Motorcycle: Effect(s) unknown. Apparently fun to ride, as Claudia asks to ride it around the Warehouse as a reward for finding a case.[57]
  • Sticky String: Follow attached link.[2]
  • Stone from Stonehenge: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the agent creation artifact expertise part. [32]
  • Strings from Stradivarius Workshop: Effect(s) unknown. Seen in the agent creation artifact expertise part. [32]
  • Studio 54 Disco Ball: Follow attached link.[67]
  • Swiss Miss Mug: Claudia has a "Swiss Miss-hap" that causes her to be able to make a marshmallow-flavored blizzard in a cup.[41]
  • Swordfish: A large stuffed swordfish mounted as a trophy; has a "freakishly sharp beak." Labelled as "the One That Got Away." Almost impaled Claudia when she accidentally knocked it over.[23]
  • Sylvia Plath's Typewriter: Follow attached link.[2][51]


  • Tanto Blades: A set of three blades that seem to be sharp enough to split an object by touching it, seen when Artie accidently dropped one on their display monitor, splitting it cleanly in two. Requires someone to 'redistribute their energy weight' at regular intervals to keep them 'happy'. [12]
Telegraph from Oman
The Telegraph from Oman Island
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Telegraph from Oman: Follow attached link.[35]
  • Tesla Gun: Follow attached link.[5][22][8][46][56]
  • Tesla Rifle: Follow attached link.[37]
  • Tesla Targeting Coil: A modified Tesla coil in the Warehouse used for target practice with Tesla Guns. It shocks those that touch it while still activated. Paracelsus used this artifact to power H.G. Wells' Time Machine and combined it with Pierre-Simon Laplace's Telescope, Theodsius of Bithynia's Sun Dial, and Karl Schwarzchild's Pocket Watch to open a portal back in time.
  • Thaddeus Cahill's Teleharmonium Keyboard: Causes a form of synesthesia. This was one of the artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by Roaring Dan Seavey durring the move from Warehouse 12 to Warehouse 13. It is currently in Warehouse 13.[Source?]
  • Theodosius of Bithynia's Sun DialFollow attached link.
  • Thomas Edison's Bioelectric Stagecoach: Follow attached link. [8]
  • Thomas Edison's Wax Cylinder: Suggested by Myka as a possible artifact at one point. Effect(s) unknown.[18]
  • Thomas Jeffries' Boomerang: Follow attached link.[33]
The Threshold of Limentinus
Rmhanshaw158Added by Rmhanshaw158


Wikia W13 - Barometer
The USS Eldridge (DE-173) Ship's Barometer activated.
JiskranAdded by Jiskran
  • Ulysses S. Grant's Flask: Follow attached link.[43]
  • Underwater Breathing Mask: Unknown origin. Artie and Claudia apparently used this breathing mask and a straw hat while 'Fixing the Fish.'[5][8]
  • Unnamed Wooden Box: Found by Pete in the Warehouse for Artie; tag states that it reduces shyness.[61]
  • U.S.M.C. Lighter: Can suck the souls of any living creature when flicked open. Owned by a character in the comic "City of Ghouls". Collected by Pete, Artie, and Claudia.[59]
  • USS Eldridge (DE-173) Ship's Barometer: Follow attached link.[49]



Walt Disney's Paint Brush
Walt Disney's Paint Brush seen near other brushes
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Walt Disney's Paintbrush: According to the label: "Brush animates directly from painter's imagination." Anything painted by the brush becomes 3D, appears to be alive, and looks and behaves in a cartoonish fashion. Used by Pete to paint his shoes, which quickly ran away.[9]
  • Walter Raleigh's Smoking Pipe: Suggested as possibly the pipe kept by Jamie. Leena describes it as giving the user the ability to "travel through small bod--" before she is cut off by Artie, saying he bagged it in the 80's.[1]
  • Walter Winchell's Tie Clip and Cuff Links: Follow attached link.[72]
Warehouse 13 Prototype 1
Warehouse 13 Diorama
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Warehouse 13 Diorama: Follow attached link.[21]
  • Whistle: Can be used to diagnose infection. Used by Warehouse doctor Vanessa Calder.[61]
  • Whistler's Mother's Rocking Chair: Effect(s) unknown. Noted that it activates when moving. Currently in the Warehouse.[23]
  • Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster: A device that collects orgone energy and uses it to create rain. It resides in the middle of Univille's town park.[23]
  • William Bleckwenn's Stethoscope: Bleckwenn was American physician that was the first doctor ever to have any success with truth serum. The artifact is implied to have truth-extraction abilities, but this is not confirmed. Paracelsus wanted to combine it with the Spindle from the Duke of Exeter's Daughter hoping that by combing the two artifacts they'd make Artie tell the truth.
  • William Gilbets (Lodestone) Amber: Seen on Artie's board as a possible artifact. Implied to be able to fry people.[11]
  • William Hornaday's Zookeeper Cap: Follow attached link. [47]
  • William Shakespeare's Chair: The chair that Shakespeare sat in at the Globe Theatre. Effect unknown. Stored in the Dark Vault.[73]
  • William Shakespeare's Lost Folio: Follow attached link.[5]
  • William Tell's Crossbow: A bow belonging to Swiss folk-hero William Tell; anything fired from it can hit any target, no matter how far away the user is from it or what position the bow is in. Used by Artie to rescue Claudia from the effects of Volta's lab coat.[7] Alludes to Tell's superb marksmanship and his fabled shot, in which he was forced to shoot an apple off his son Walter's head...and succeeded.
  • William Tell's Rabbit Foot: ComicBook Alters probability, granting the user impossible luck. However, how that luck manifests is entirely the artifact's purview. Appears in tie-in comic book #5. [26]
  • Willem Jansz's Boomerang: ComicBook When this is thrown, it becomes razor sharp and is able to slice through anything, including trees and human necks. It also turns purple while active. It returns to the thrower, but whether this is a feature of the artifact or just a boomerang's normal function is unknown. Appears in tie-in comic book issue #4. [26]
  • Wings of Daedalus: Follow attached link.[46]
  • Wooden Box: Contents unknown. Is linked to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so the tower tilts as much as the box does.[78]
  • World War 2 Tessen Fan: Follow attached link.
  • Wyatt Earp's Badge: Mentioned but not seen. May have something to do with crime fighting. [20]


  • Yatagarasu's Feather: The feather of the three-legged crow that guided the Emperor Jimmu. Though it wasn't seen, it radiated an intense golden light and the sounds of crows cawing could be heard. Apparently looking at it will drive the victim insane. Is currently kept in the Dark Vault.[13]
  • Yogiraj Bengali's Cobra Basket: When the lid is opened, smoke pours out that takes the form of a cobra for a few seconds, a reference to the tradition of cobra charming. Presumably was part of Warehouse 8's inventory, as the Steinbrooks identified Artie as a Warehouse 13 agent after he showed it to them. [40]
  • Yule logs: Seemed to be burning for a while without affecting the nearby artifacts. Other effect(s) unknown. In the Aisle of Noel.[38]


The Zeppelin
AgentholmesAdded by Agentholmes
  • Zeppelin: Seen in panning shots of the Warehouse. Effect(s) and origin unknown.[70][8] Also seen being burned by Walter Sykes' 'Artifact Nuclear Device'.[31] Floating over the post-war extension.[23]
  • Zhang Heng's Seismometer: Effect(s) unknown, but requires a good shake every once and a while to keep it 'happy'. [12]
  • Zipline: A large, complex zipline system that runs through the Warehouse and is used by the agents at various times to quickly access parts of the Warehouse.[21][8] Indirectly causes the Warehouse to almost explode.[2]

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