An agent of Warehouse 9 and granddaughter to the original Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Pete and Myka meet her when they travel back in time to June 10th, 1541 in order to stop the future Paracelsus from killing the Regents of Warehouse 9 and damaging the timeline. She has a British accent.


  • She can summon a giant purple swamphen named Isabella by whistling, who helps her snag artifacts.
  • When Pete and Myka explain to her that they're from Warehouse 13, she isn't impressed as she's surprised it took them that long to build a working time machine, as her grandfather, Leonardo, "has been working on time travel for the last 40 years."
    • However, as the episode takes place in 1541, Leonardo has been dead for 22 years at this point, having died in 1519, two years after Warehouse 9 began.
  • Her name is a possible reference to Leonardo's most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, itself named after Lisa del Giocondo, whom the portrait was commissioned for.
    • In the context of the narrative, it is unknown if she was named after the portrait (and its subject), or if the portrait was instead made or named for her within the show’s universe.
  • Show writer Ian Stokes was the one who suggested the name Lisa, as revealed in the podcast for "Endless Terror."
    • He also originally pitched for her to be Season 5's "Big Bad", but that idea did not stick for long.