Lars was a black market dealer who possed half of Roaring Dan Seavy's Puzzle Box. He was hired as a bodyguard by Charlotte DuPres.


Lars was first seen in Buffalo when Meeting Arthur Nielson, Myka Bering, and Pete Lattimer. He was soon found out to be bought off by Charlotte DuPres. They teamed up with the Warehouse 13 agents to find Roaring Dan Seavey's Treasure and Stolen Artifacts. He attacked Pete and Myka at the cemetary after Artie attempted to abandon him and Charlotte.

When he and Charlotte made it to Niagra Falls Power Company Plant. They had already found the key saving the agents alot of touble. When they entered, Lars picked up a Golden Dagger, and had his neck snapped by Roaring Dan Seavey's Spectre, made by Aleister Crowley's Ruby Studded Universal Hexagram Necklace.


He was the strong and silent type. Arthur Nielson commented that he, like most Black Market Dealers, was smart and cautious, not giving them enough time to summon autorities for their meeting.

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