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Kelly Hernandez
S2 Ep11 Kelly Hernandez
General Information
Gender Female
Race Latina
Health Healthy
Status Alive- Left Univille
Location Univille formerly (current location unknown)
Played by Paula Garcés
First Appearance "Beyond Our Control"

Kelly Hernandez is a local Univille veterinarian who becomes romantically involved with Pete Lattimer during Season 2.


Kelly was first seen in Beyond Our Control while she was working in the veterinary clinic, where she witnessed an apparition of soldiers from one of the movies projected from Philo Farnsworth's Projector.

She initially did not get along with Pete Lattimer until Pete brought Artie Nielsen to her clinic to remove his appendix, in spite the fact that she was not a doctor for people. She successfully treated Artie and gave Pete the task of looking after Artie. Pete later returned to her clinic and asked her if she wanted to grab something to eat with him, an offer she chose to accept.

When she began seeing Pete she did not know that Pete worked for Warehouse 13, but believed he worked at an IRS warehouse. She eventually discovers his true line of work and ultimately decides that his life is too full of adventure and that's not her. She breaks up with him in the 2nd season finale, Reset.


Kelly is a bitchy, fun, and very beautiful woman.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kelly has the facial structures of a beautiful woman of Latina origins. Her smooth hair is dark brown, her skin is tan, and she has brown eyes.


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