"How is she doing that..." Myka upon seeing Kallie run through the Artifact's defenses without being harmed.

Kalie Newley is a young girl who appeared in the episode Secret Santa.


Kallie deeply misses her father who has become a workaholic; however, since it upset her mother she never really spoke about her feelings, because she didn't like seeing her mother sad.

She is also very brave for her age; standing up to the Artifact specter of her father and demanding that it leave her father alone when it was trying to drain him.

While her father believed she was an old soul, due to her love of antiques, both Myka and her mother could see she was deeply upset by her farther's distance, and that her collecting hobby had become a way to cope with the sadness. Myka, empathizing with the youngster, even tried explaining to Mr Newley that Kalie was just a little girl who wanted to spend time with her father.

Secret SantaEdit

Prior to the start of the episode Kallie received a package from her father containing an asortment of antique Christmas ornaments; one of which was a dormant artifact from the Christmas truce of 1914. While happy with the gift, she was sad that her father hardly visited anymore since becoming obsessed with work. While decorating the family home she made a wish that her family could be the way she remembered it when she was younger. This wish awoke the dormant artifact, which proceeded to try and grant her wish by creating a ghostly doppleganger of her father, to scare him into changing his ways and to spending more time with Kallie and her mother.

Investigating the doppleganger Warehouse agents Pete and Myka brought Kallie's father along when they believed that Kalie's mother was using an artifact against her husband. Kallie was delighted at her father's appearance thinking he had come to decorate the tree like he had promissed (it was the dopleganger who made the promise). Father and daughter proceeded to have some fun and Pete's expense though Larry quickly reverted to his workaholic ways by making business calls outside. This action only served to enrage the artifact doppleganger who eventually kidnapped Larry declaring it would drain his lifeforce and replace him come midnight.

Going on a hunch the agents returned to Kallie's house and found the artifact nestled in the tree with a picture of father and daughter attached to it.

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