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The Jubilee Grand Poker Chip
Jubilee Grand Poker Chip
Vital statistics
Type Poker chip
Effects Precognition
Eventual addiction to use
Contact burns
Source The Jubilee Grand Casino
Danger Medium
First Appearance "Duped"
There is no pure foresight without some sacrifice.

A poker chip from the Jubilee Grand Casino which gives its holder brief glimpses of the future, in monochromatic visions marked by color splashed over particular objects, every time the user rubs his finger across it. Considered a "wishing" artifact, the chip allows a user to see a few seconds into the future, but causes him or her to suffer burn damage and psychological addiction as a result.


Blurry vision of the future granted by the Chip.

The chip was stolen by Jillian and Gary Whitman from a man who bragged about miraculously surviving a massive fire at the Jubilee Grand Casino because of a chip that saved his life. The Whitmans went on to win nearly $5-million using the chip, though they suffered increasingly severe contact wounds in the form of burn damage to their hands while using it.

The chip was recovered from the Whitmans by Warehouse 13 agents Peter Lattimer and Myka Bering in 2009.


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