When worn, it causes the user to fall instantly to sleep, but when the user wakes up, they have a craving for vodka.


Artie used it to end the seizures of Nick Powell who was being affected by Orville Wright's Aviator Goggles.

Artie said this artifact was the only thing that'd let "that paranoid dictator sleep".
Sleeping Mask

The Sleeping Mask on Nick Powell and its effects.

Real World ConnectionsEdit

Joseph Stalin (1878 - 1953) or Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin (born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jugashvili) was a ruthless, oppresive atheistic communist dictator of the Soviet Union. He was known for his work in WWII as an ally of Hitler, until he was invaded by Germany and Italy. Immediately after he took a key part in the start of the Cold War. He made many oppressive moves, including the start of the Berlin Wall. His chosen name made him the 'Man of Steel' in Russian.


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