Jim, although this is not known as "Past Imperfect" begins to unfold, is the man behind Myka's nightmares, the reason she failed Sam Martino so spectacularly and fatally. Jim, through means as yet unknown, got his hands on the USS Eldridge (DE-173) Ship's Barometer, which effectively freezes time for the user, over a limited area, for a 47-second period. He used this in the commission of a series of crimes, and to throw Sam, his Secret Service superior, off his trail, but despite his best efforts, Sam's suspicions were aroused. When Sam went after Leo, and elected to take Myka instead of him as backup, Jim knew that Sam had put the pieces together. He therefore employed the barometer again to delay Myka, giving his accomplice time to gun down Sam in cold blood. Jim attempted an encore when Myka returned to Denver and, with her new partner Pete Lattimer, began nosing around the Martino case. This time (poetic) justice prevailed, as Jim was caught in the path of a bullet he had intended for Pete when the 47 seconds expired, and died.

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