James Aquino was a demolitions expert who was wanted in nine countries. He was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. He favored molotovs and pipe bombs as his brands of explosives. His psychological abilities were espionage, political instigation, riot instigation, coercion, information extraction, and inciting dissident activity.

James Aquino was an associate of Sally Stukowski and by extension, Walter Sykes. He carried the Berlin Wall Spray Paint and used it on the building housing the Regent meeting. Aquino was discovered at a bank, trying to move money to a specific account. Aquino spotted Pete and Claudia in a reflection in a lamp and took the banker hostage. He sprayed on the banker's jacket with the spray paint, causing it to disintegrate, which gave Aquino enough time to get to his car.

Pete and Claudia pursued, and Claudia hacked into Aquino's GPS navigation system to direct him into a dead end. Facing the Warehouse agents, Aquino turned the can on himself, causing his own disintegration.