Professor Ives is played by Neil Crone in Nevermore, and has currently only appeared in that episode.

A kind English teacher, Prof. Ives tried to help his student Bobby Buseki when he saw him struggling as the social outcast of his school, and gave Bobby a book of poetry to help him. Bobby, however, was entranced by Edgar Allan Poe's pen that Prof. Ives was displaying in his room, and stole it while under the artifact's influence.

Suspecting Bobby of the theft, Professor Ives told his student that he would go get a soda, and if the pen went back to its rightful place in the display, then no one would get in trouble. Unfortunately, Bobby was suffering under a powertrip from the pen, and responded to Ives' gesture by giving him a piece of paper with the word 'Wall' written on it; in the style of The Cask of Amontillado, Ives was thrown back into the wall behind him, where he was trapped until freed (alive and very dusty) by investigating agents Lattimer and Donovan.