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The following information is from the Warehouse 13 comic book series.
It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the series.

The main artifact featured in Issue No. #3 of the Warehouse 13 comic book series.

Harry Winston's Loupe
Harry Winston's Loop
Claudia using the loop
Vital statistics
Type Jeweler's loop/loupe
Effects Grants crystalline clarity to any stone or screen it touches
Source Harry Winston
Danger Mild
Activation Touching to a stone or monitor


Harry Winston was an American jeweler known for donating the Hope Diamond and Portugese Diamond to the Smithsonian museum. As a child he grew up in his father's jewelry shop, and once recognized a two-carot emerald, which he bought for 25 cents and later sold for $800. He also redesigned the jewelry collection of Arabella Huntington into more contemporary styles.


When held to a stone, the loop grants crystalline quality to it. Also works for monitors such as those on computers.


This artifact was one used by Claudia in Issue #3 of the comics in order to clear the static on a camera monitor while searching for the person using Hannibal Barca of Carthage's Whip.

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