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Grace Ellen
Grace Ellen
General Information
Title Sister
Gender Female
Location Unionville, Colorado
Played by Jennifer Vey
First Appearance "Magnetism"


Sometime in 2008, before becoming a nun, she was in an abusive relationship. She then got out of the relationship and joined the covenenant at the Catholic Church in Unionville, Colorado. She spends a majoirty of her time at a battered women's shelter. Sometime between her entry into the church and the events of Magnetism, she sat in James Braid's Chair.

Artifact InvolvementEdit

During the normal course of her duties of being nun, she probably had many talking sessions with Father Braid. It was during these times that the artifact started to release her subconscious desires. Her desire was to escape, from the past abuse she felt. This "escape" manifested itself as flying. There were two separate occasions in which Grace attempted to fly. The first attempt was off of the top of a two-story building, in which a car broke her fall. The second attempt was from the top of the church steeple. Her fall was broken by a snowbank, that was beneath the steeple. It is unknown if she made another attempt to fly before the chair was destroyed.

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