In Japanese folklore, the fox (or Kitsune) is the elusive thief and prankster and the more tails a Kitsune has the more powerful, older, and wiser they are. Nine tailed foxes are said to be the oldest, wisest, and most powerful.


When a hand is placed on one of the statue's tails, the user is transformed into a ninja cat-burgler with enhanced agility, reflexes, strength and ninja suit.


In "Endless," the memory Myka wanted to contribute to the Round Table was the time she and Pete snagged the statue. A house wife named Maddy, who had made a habit of buying antique Japanese ceramic art online, bought the statue thinking it was simply another rare antique. When Pete and Myka went to snag the
Fox ninjas

Maddy and her friends turned into ninjas

statue, Maddy and her four friends used the statue to become ninjas, leading to a rumble between them and the agents.