Dickens was a cat that lived with Emily Lake in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the period during which Emily was the persona created by the Janus Coin inhabiting the body of H.G. Wells.[1]

Background Edit

Nothing is known about how Dickens came to be owned by Emily Lake, though there is some speculation by fans that perhaps one of the Regents gave him to her as a way to ease the transition into life as Emily Lake. As Emily was an English teacher, it is not a stretch to assume that Dickens was named after famous author Charles Dickens.

Emily was shown to live alone with Dickens, and was very affectionate with him while in her home with Myka and Pete, implying that she was very close to him.[1]

During the fight between Pete and Marcus Diamond wherein Marcus was trying to kidnap Emily, Dickens yowled at Marcus and possibly tried to scratch him, distracting Marcus enough for Pete to gain a momentary upper hand. This caused Pete to defend Dickens to H.G., saying that he was "solid" and "saved [his] bacon".[1]

It is unknown what happened to Dickens after Emily was taken by Walter Sykes.

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