Deb Stanley was a woman first encountered in Endless Wonder who became aware of the Warehouse. She was offered a position as a Regent after proving that she had the Warehouse's best interests at heart. Pete Lattimer commented to Adwin Kosan that she is almost as smart as Myka.


Deb appeared in Endless Wonder as a researcher for a pharmaceutical company. When patients who took the company's heartburn medication started to experience unexplained growth spurts, she investigated on her own. She discovered the Warehouse after following Pete and Myka and witnessed them using an artifact to temporarily undo the damage caused by the mystery artifact that was pulling people apart. Not only did she track down the B&B, she also informed her boss of what she saw, leading to him purchasing and confiscating the items at a local cooking class where the artifact was hiding. Her boss was also pestering a powerful local senator for access to the Warehouse.

While most of the Regents and Mrs. Frederic worked to run interference, Pete was informed unless it was cleaned up quickly, things would get messy. Kosan said there was another option and asked Pete what his vibes said about Deb. Pete responded that she was smart and a good person and Kosan told him to take her to see the Warehouse.

Brought to the Warehouse, Deb was eager to start using artifacts to cure diseases, explaining she got into medicine because her father had Parkinson's. Pete then showed her the artifacts that could have helped her father but explained they all had dangerous downsides that necessitated their internment to the Warehouse. He swayed her opinion by questioning whether her employers would be as noble.

It was suggested at the end of the episode that Deb would be a candidate as a future Regent, something she showed great enthusiasm about.