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Dante Alighieri's Death Mask

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Dante Alighieri's Death Mask
Dante Alighieri's Death Mask
Dante's Mask
Vital statistics
Effects Creates firery inferno around a person burning them alive with the image of hell in their minds; Thus when active the mask creates a wall of fire that stacks up to eight stories.
Source Dante Alighieri
Danger High
Activation Walking past or wearing

A mask made after Dante's death which can create a wall of fire 8 stories tall whenever something moves in front of it, which is why it is always kept facing inward while in the Warehouse, so it doesn't accidently activate. This is a reference to The Divine Comedy (Dante's Inferno) where Dante must travel through the Nine circles of Hell.

In "Time Will Tell" James MacPherson used the mask to slow Artie and Claudia down to give H.G. Wells more time to navigate the Escher Vault.

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