A DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) suit made during the Cold War, as a possible "super soldier" outfit.

It absorbs all kinetic energy, to the point where a soldier could be hit with a hundred bullets per second without breaking stride. The suit's energy siphoning abilities drain the wearer of all vital fluids, causing paralysis in sixty minutes.

Causes impotence in men after an undefined period, the latter being the sole reason Pete didn't get to fulfill his dream of being "a real-life superhero".

In "Mild Mannered", the suit was worn by Myka to absorb the gravitational energy being generated by Angelo Siciliano's Workout Trunks. After the energy was absorbed, Myka could then use a pair of gauntlets Claudia invented to release the energy and allow Claudia to get close enough to snag and bag the trunks. 


Super suit2

Myka wearing the suit