Corinne Huggins is the warden at the maximum security prison, Riverton Penitentiary, in Florida.


Corinne was the current warden at the time when warehouse agents Peter Lattimer and Myka Bering were sent to the prison to investigate a string of apparent suicides. She had taken on the warden position for just over a month, before the first suicide occurred. When she moved into the warden's office, her predecessor Warden Matthew's belongings (including Warden Matthew's Quartz Cross) were moved to a storage area until his estate was out of probate.

Although she was initially cooperative with the warehouse agents, Corinne was not satisfied with the cryptic explanations she was given and withdrew her hospitality. After the thunderstorm passed, she expected the agents to leave the prison as she intended to request assistance from federal investigators.

Artifact InvolvementEdit

She herself was not exempt from the mass hallucinatory effects that plagued the prison. While under the influence of the hallucinations, she fatally wounded Reverend John Hill.


Although clearly aware something was amiss, she was not privy to the real reason behind the hallucinations, which was the removal of Warden Matthew's Quartz Cross in the warden's office.