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Copper Bowls of Life and Death
Copper Bowls of Life and Death
One copper bowl is marked with the Egyptian symbol of Life (Ankh) and the other has the symbol of death (The Owl, as they are considered protectors of the dead)
Vital statistics
Type Egyptian Copper Bowls
Effects If used in conjunction with the Philosopher's Stone, it can give everlasting life or take it away
Source Egyptian Mythology
Danger High
Activation Heating with the Philosopher's Stone


They were used by Paracelsus in the 16th century to achieve immortality, a process which he tested on Charlotte DuPres, Nick Powell and Bennett Sutton.


The bowls first tether the user to a person or several different people and then the Philosopher's Stone drains those people of their collective life energy, and transfers it to the user making the user immortal. However, any person that was tethered to the user by the bowls will die instantly as soon as the user becomes immortal. Also, for them to become immortal, the user must be near a lot of petrified wood from the Euphrates River region. 

It's unknown exactly how many people must be sacrificed to make the user immortal, but in order to make Nick, Sutton, and Charlotte immortal Paracelsus had to sacrifice the lives of 600 people and to make himself immortal he sacrificed 200 people. 

To tether someone, the Philosopher's Stone must be placed inside the bowl bearing the ankh symbol; to immortalize someone, the Stone must then be placed into the counterpart bowl and be heated there to initiate the process.  


In the episode "The Truth Hurts " when Paracelsus was using the bowls, he specifically targeted terminally ill patients in hospitals, because their weakened immune systems made it easier for him to leach off their life energy. 


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