Cody Bell is a former soldier and character encountered in the episode "Second Chance". He is also one of the few examples of a person who bonded with an artifact.


While on duty in Iraq with the army, Cody was caught up in an explosion at a local museum. He survived, but ended up with shrapnel logged near his heart that doctors were unable to remove. Unknown to all, the shrapnel was not from the bomb but rather the remains of the Spartan Armor Artifact that had been caught in the explosion.

Upon returning from military service, he started working at the local steel mill. One day he and his father were caught in the rafters when the lift they were on malfunctioned. His father was thrown from the lift and would have fallen to his death had Cody not caught him. Cody's determination to save his father's life activated the shrapnel shard, giving him the strength to pull his father to safety.

Second ChanceEdit

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