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Christina Wells

Christina Wells

General Information
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Status Deceased
Played by Jordyn Negri
First Appearance Buried
Snapshot 2012-03-11 17-27-08
The inscription on Christina's coffin.

Little is known about Christina Wells, but here is what has been established:

  • She is the only child of Helena G. Wells.
  • She was born either 1883 or 1891 and died either 1891 or 1899 depending on which source one accepts.
  • She was eight when she was murdered by robbers.
  • She was her mother's happiest place on earth.
  • She had black hair like her mother's.
  • She did not know about Warehouse 12.
  • She lived in Europe.
  • She had a British accent.
  • The translated inscription on her coffin reads: Here lies Christina Wells, born May 16, 1891, died July 14, 1899.

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