Marybeth Tinning is an American prisoner after being convicted for the murder of her ninth child by smothering. The deaths of her other eight children were investigated, but she was only charged for the one death. According to Tinning, her father was abusive, beating her and locking her in a closet.

Her first seven children died of various causes, a few of which were attributed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The theory of the deaths of the Tinning children being genetic was discarded, however, when the eight child (who had been adopted) died. Her ninth child died via smothering, and Marybeth was visited by Social Services the same day.

Given that the display card lists this doll as Marybeth's, it is uncertain whether this doll belonged to her when she was younger, or if it belonged to at least one of her own children.


The effects of the doll are illegible on its digital display card.


This artifact was collected by Arthur Nielson sometime in his life, as he was checking on the artifacts that he personally had collected to make sure Brother Adrian hadn't stolen them. Artie used a stethoscope to check on the artifact, as if it had a heartbeat.

Artie checking on the artifact.


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