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He was rather the 'Claudia' of Warehouse 12 and my teacher.
— H.G. Wells describing Caturanga, Stand
Wikia W13 - Caturanga
General Information
Gender Male
Location Warehouse 12
Status Deceased
Occupation Agent In Charge Of Warehouse 12
Played by Erick Avari
First Appearance "Stand"

Background Edit

Caturanga, played by Erick Avari, was the Agent-in-Charge of Warehouse 12 in Britain, and was responsible for the training of Helena G. Wells, who, to London society at large, was the decorative sister of the brilliant author, Charles Wells, who penned those fascinating speculative fiction pieces. He was kind of like the Artie of Warehouse 12. He appears in "Stand".

Caturanga believed that only certain people were suited to be Warehouse Agents, and that a combination of testing and instinct was required to discern who belonged on that list and who didn't. He was particularly impressed with H.G. when she mentioned she could smell apples, explaining the Warehouse approved of her and few people get that kind of reaction from it during their first visit.

He was also firmly convinced, with Ralph Waldo Emerson, that "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." Caturanga advised H.G. on the gun she was issued, agreeing with her view that there was always an alternative to killing, showing and demonstrating the earliest version of the Tesla. He told her that if the rules don't agree with one, it's sometimes necessary to change them.

Cataranga's Stun Gun

Caturanga's Stun Gun

This lesson came back to H.G. when Myka's life hung literally in the balance, as Walter Sykes was forcing H.G. to help him gain entry to the Ancient Regent Sanctum in Hong Kong. Since the chess game which permitted access was set up by Caturanga, H.G. realized that the only way to win was to change the rules.

His favorite game was chess, and while H.G. played him every day for years, she never beat him.


Caturanga was a middle-aged man who appeared to be of Middle Eastern ethnicity. He was bald, with a ring of grey hair around his temples as well as a white beard. He wore a pair of circular spectacles.

In terms of personality, Caturanga was an eccentric and friendly man with a deep connection to Warehouse 12, possessing the ability to sense whether or not the Warehouse liked any individual that entered its walls. He loves puzzles and solving them.


  • Caturanga is named after an ancient Indian board game that is said to be the earliest version of chess. Incidentally, Caturanga used to love playing chess everyday with Helena, and a chess board was the design of the lock to the portal in the Regents' Sanctum.
  • He was knowledgeable in the guns of his time.

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