Who are they? Why are they here?Edit

The Regents of the Warehouse bronze victims to prevent future enemies, using a process perfected by Paracelsus[1] involving the Mesopotamian Bronze Stele and cryogenics. The victims reside in the Warehouse's Bronze Sector.

Quality of LifeEdit

According to Artie Nielson, the process is, unfortunately, painless[2]. Bronzed humans survive indefinitely, immobile, but conscious[3]. In Season One, the bronzed victims stood wrapped in either cling film or serious cobwebs. In later seasons, including Season Two's 3 . . . 2 . . . 1, the living statues stand bare.

Residents of the Bronze SectorEdit

Current ResidentsEdit


Bronzed by: Agents Lattimer and Bering
Captured by Pete when he and Myka travelled back in time to stop Paracelsus from changing the history.

Former ResidentsEdit

Former Agent James MacPhersonEdit

Bronzed by: Artie Nielson
Debronzed by: Leena

Jailed and banished from Warehouse 13, MacPherson escaped prison and infiltrated Warehouse 13. He stole and sold several artifacts on the Black Market, and killed multiple people.

Agent Helena G. WellsEdit

Bronzed by: The Regents of Warehouse 12
Debronzed by: Leena
Brought before the Regents of Warehouse 12 a third time for reckless abuse of artifacts, Wells requested and was granted bronzing.

Agent Steve JinksEdit

Bronzed by: Agents Lattimer and Bering
Debronzed by:  Agents Lattimer and Bering
Bering and Lattimer bronzed their fellow agent under the influence of W. C. Field's Juggling Balls.

Claudia DonovanEdit

Bronzed by: Paracelsus
Debronzed by: Artie Nielson
Considering her a threat to his escape and vengeance, Paracelsus bronzed Claudia outside the Bronzer with the Mesopotamian Bronze Stele.

Alternate UniverseEdit

James MacPherson bronzed Mrs. Frederic in the alternate universe created when Philip Van Doren Stern's Upholstery Brush fell on Pete Lattimer, wiping him from existence. [4]


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