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Buck Mendel
Buck Mendel
General Information
Title Warehouse Agent
Gender Male
Affiliation Warehouse 13 (Past)
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Played by Dwight Ireland
First Appearance "Beyond Our Control"

Buck Mendell was a Warehouse 13 agent, who seems as if he may have been the inspiration for Indiana Jones, in look, rather than pigmentation. He appears in Beyond Our Control, with both authority and cause to shut down Philo Farnsworth's latest voyage into the fantastic - a movie projector which can create soild, interactive constructs from light. He helps Philo clean up the devastation caused by the manifestation of a tank, but sadly he doesn't seem to have double-checked than all the components of Philo's toy were safely stored in Warehouse custody, and thus, six and a half decades later, Artie, Claudia, Pete and Myka have to hunt down and corral the projector, before it can make an apocalyptic film into a full sensory, final experience.

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