Brenda is the manager of the Univille Post Office.


Brenda first appears in "Mild Mannered", being the employee whom Myka and Pete meet at the post office, when they go to pick up their belongings from Washington D.C. However only Myka's things have been shipped and Pete is left without anything.

Wikia W13 - Brenda in retirement
Her role is much more prominent in "Beyond Our Control", where it is revealed she is the cause of the trouble in Univille with the corporeal holographic projections. Pete and Myka once again meet her at the post office where they hope to retrieve Pete's stuff from D.C. They are, once again, left without anything because the post office closed due to government cutbacks and Brenda was left without a job. As revenge on the government, she steals Item 186A, the Project Gemini Holographic Projector, using it to watch cable TV and the Raymond St. James movie marathon. The radiation from her microwave, which she used to cook her popcorn, was the original source on which the projector was feeding to transmit projections all over town. The projector eventually started to feed on the waves of every satellite dish and microwave in town. Unfortunately each movie started to get more and more violent, starting with 'Operation Dragon Wolf', 'Showdown at Laramie' and a detective noir film. Pete, Myka, Claudia and Artie caught her using the projector and discovered the microwave and satellite feeds messing with the projector, and took the projector with them before 'Dr. Doomsday' started playing. They managed to stop the projector before it managed to blow up Univille, and Brenda was left back to watching regular TV.

She enjoys watching TV constantly, specifically old movies, probably because her job is rather quiet.


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