Bobby Buseki was a normal guy in high school. As he passes Tamara in the schoolyard, he smiles. When he gets into his school, he passes Greg in the hallway. Greg takes his stuff and finds a pixure of Tamara; he then rips up the photo. This makes Bobby mad. Later in his classroom he hears whispering. Before Bobby leaves, his teacher gives him a book of poems. He fixes his photo of Tamara. But he continues to hears whispers, leading him to steal Edgar Allen Poe's pen, which is in a display case. He burns Greg with fire, using to power of the pen to bring written words into reality. When confronted by his teacher about the theft of the pen, he puts the teacher into the wall; he later clames Tamara as his. Warehouse agents Pete Lattimer and Claudia Donovan show up at the school and begin asking questens. Bobby then traps the two of them by tying them up and placing them under a swinging ax blade. Eventually, Edgar Allen Poe's pen is snagged and bagged by Claudia, releasing Bobby from its effects.

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